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Optare Solutions was founded to provide technical consulting on new complex services fulfillment for a Spanish startup Telco in 2002. As we helped them to support a ten-fold business growth in less than 5 years, we also grown and gain expertise along with them.

During these years other Telecom companies have required our services, and we continue helping them to grow, increase their efficiency, and become a “Lean operator”.

Meanwhile we grew as a company, with more team, more trained, and more focused en specific working areas within the OSS/BSS scope. More than 11 years working this way, exclusively for the Telecoms Industry, haven’t but made us even more “Natural Born Telco”.

Optare Solutions offers Consulting Services, Develop and/or deployment Projects and Training Services, to help their Clients to streamline their Operation and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS).

More than 12 years of experience, working exclusively in the Telecoms Market, and a specialized team make us the right choice to fulfill System Integration demands for any CSP and other Telecoms related Companies.