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SoftTDA - Grupo Continex


SoftTD@ (Continex Group), headquartered in Madrid, is a company specializing in providing IT solutions and value-added services for the digital transformation of businesses (banking, insurance, industry, telecommunications, media and public services).

They have extensive experience in software development tailored to customer needs, consulting, development, implementation of solutions, systems integration, outsourcing and hardware sales. SoftTD@ has many references in the insurance sector, among others.

  • Company size: 0 -100
  • Countries where it operates: Spain
  • Main verticals: Financial, Insurance, Industry, Transportation

What SoftTD@ & Bonitasoft offer

SoftTD@ helps clients to define and model their business processes by analyzing user experience, prototyping solutions and designing user interfaces, and improving their monitoring and control. With the Bonita platform, the response times for customer incidents are very short. In 4 years of partnership with Bonitasoft there were less than 5 incidents that took more than one day to resolve. The technicians are very efficient and effective.

Why did SoftTD@ choose Bonita?

"We chose Bonita for its administration capabilities through the Portal, its support for integration with third parties thanks to its connectors, and its web / mobile interface. If you are considering using Bonita in a project, we recommend seeing the tool work on a prototype; you will quickly see a result that can help you make a decision."

Juan Carlos Gómez, Business Consultant at SoftTD@

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Juan Carlos Gómez, Head of Sales at SoftTD@, emphasizes the strong relationship with Bonitasoft. The success of this alliance, which has accompanied the digital transformation of several companies over four years, is based on mutual commitment and collaboration.

(Note: this video is in Spanish. You can activate subtitles in English.)

SoftTD@ & Bonita: Success stories



A Spanish multinational, specializing in management and payment of insurance claims, used Bonita to make their processes visible and easily adaptable, and to better organize the development of their new products.




LA leader in the service and sales of used vehicles implemented Bonita to manage their digital transformation.

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