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Tetrasoft Inc. is one of the leading IT consulting and Software services company. They are headquartered in the picturesque city of St. Louis Missouri. Since 1997, They have been providing high quality and cost effective software consultancy and outsourcing services  in USA, Europe and India. They harness the power of Information Technology and use a low risk global delivery model to help our customers secure a competitive edge in their respective businesses.

What Tetrasoft offers

Tetrasoft offers support to various clients and millions of their customers across the globe. They help their clients in their quest to be the market leaders in their respective industries. Their services are spread across various industries. 

They strive on excellence in delivery and product development. They  have foot- print across different domains to work with all kinds of business applications with the best architecture and well organized design capabilities. Their services and products are more portable, robust and can be easily accessible.

These are some of the business application services developed at Tetrasoft to serve payers, coders, providers, hospitals and other healthcare professionals.

  • Business Applications
  • Data analytics
  • UX Design & UI engineering
  • Cloud & Devops

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