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Part 2, Living Application Development

Duration - 2 full days (onsite) or 3 half days (online)

The purpose of this module (formerly Advanced Integration) is to enable attendees to leverage the platform capabilities to create a process-based business application (Living App), with personalized user interfaces, which can be updated live.

This training is  for developers who have:

  • Knowledge of Java
  • Some knowledge of web technologies like HTML, JSON and Javascript
  • Some knowledge of web services such as REST
  • already completed Part 1 of Living Application Development

When this training is completed, attendees will be able to:

  • understand Bonita Engine architecture
    • modular service oriented architecture
    • Bonita Engine APIs
  • do basic configuration and installation of the Bonita platform
  • create custom connectors to integrate with any external system
  • use the UI Designer to develop advanced user interfaces, including
    • forms which are attached to the tasks in the process
    • pages to fully customize the end user interface
  • use the advanced UI widgets
  • create custom UI widgets and re-usable fragments to enrich the end user interface
  • create their own REST APIs, using the REST API extension, for integration flexibility
  • create and deploy the fully personalized business application and update it "live"

Developers who complete Parts 1 and 2 of Living Application Development will receive certification.