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Accelerate your digital business transformation with Bonita BPM 7.5

10 Jul 2017 - Lionel Palacin

Digital transformation can mean optimizing internal workflow to increase productivity, reduce operational costs and so on… but it can also be a strategic opportunity for innovation in products and services.

The Bonita application platform brings to the table a complete and flexible solution that will enable your innovation. With its open architecture, Bonita BPM will also bridge your various information systems - in-house, proprietary, SaaS, PaaS, legacy, and more - to optimize the way you use them all together.

During this webinar I will present several examples to demonstrate the added value of using version 7.5 of Bonita BPM. In particular, we’ll have a look at the extended date and time management across different time zones and the advanced integration of the platform with enterprise-grade SSO solutions.