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The Bonita platform: built for DevOps teams

21 Jan 2019 - Carole Winqwist


Bonitasoft’s Bonita platform helps companies create business critical applications that connect personalized user interfaces with your business processes, systems and data.
It allows enterprises to deliver better end-to-end customer experiences and create new business opportunities.

It’s no longer about rigid waterfall development techniques, but about iterative, incremental application development and continuous delivery.

Bonita is the only platform built for DevOps teams that combines low-code application development, BPM, and artificial intelligence for continuous improvement.

Build, test, and release enterprise-grade applications graphically in an intuitive drag- and-drop environment.

Code at any time and mix the two approaches using the collaborative capabilities of the Bonita platform.

Design your business processes with a BPMN2 graphical studio and connect people, processes and systems wherever they are located.

Visually map your business data model, define access rights and create case-centric apps.

Design responsive user interfaces and connect them to your business processes and data to create highly personalized customer experiences.

Collaboration on implementation is easy using continuous integration, with best-of- breed tools like GIT and Jenkins.

“Build once, deploy everywhere” means DevOps can confidently deploy robust applications by using the exact same version in all environments. Provisioning and managing Bonita servers in-house, or in your favorite cloud, is made easy with Bonita Continuous Delivery.

Our complete integration with any public or private cloud means your DevOps team can fully leverage Bonita features for scalability, adaptability and traceability.

Platform openness and extensibility allow developers to create:

  • connectors to any system,
  • graphical widgets,
  • REST APIs,
  • and more.

Head over to the Bonitasoft community and re-use application components - and contribute your own.

Leverage artificial intelligence and process mining technologies to immediately detect patterns on historical process execution, and get predictions and recommendations that apply to future executions.
Analyze and monitor the performance of your processes and applications, identify errors and inefficiencies and find opportunities for improvement.

Deliver engaging, satisfying en-to-end user experiences in your business applications.

That’s why over a thousand enterprises choose the Bonita platform for their digital transformation.

Try it today.