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June 15, 2021
11:00 am CEST (Paris)
Process Automation LIVE - Episode 3: Public Sector

Interview with Cenotech

Interview of Michael Lauritzen, partner at Cenotech solutions.

Cenotech solutions focuses on digital transformation of asset management firms. Companies have a pressure on their operational teams to do more with less. Cenotech goes in and understands the processes that drive their business and how they could gain by improving their efficiency using technologies such as the Bonita platform.

Cenotech became a Bonitasoft partner because they really embraced the Opensource approach and the amount of R&D that goes into the product on a yearly basis which allows them to have a good platform that is constantly meeting their clients ever changing needs.

Bonita is really the foundation of a digital transformation. Only when a BPM platform is in place can the other technologies be looked at, such as Robotic Process Automation, Optical Character Recognition, machine learning and AI.

Recently they completed a project at a large asset management firm in Boston that looked at automating their entire account onboarding process. It involves a very complex workflow that bridges many different department and many different resources and integrates many different technologies.

Cenotech helped doing the upfront work which used BPM more as a discipline and a management tool to discover their current workflows before actually automating any of them. Once the processes are documented they described what the future state would look like and Bonita was then used for the automation.

Today due to these efforts, senior management now has a complete dashboard into the onboarding process and can pinpoint at any moment where an account is in the process which is dramatically different from the past in which that type of information was unknown to management and it caused a lot of delays from the creation of that account to when it was ready to be invested.