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Interview with Database Republic

Database Republic is a Bonitasoft partner located in California in the United States.

Viktor is working with business process management for 17 years. Database Republic became a Bonitasoft partner in 2017. They were looking for a modern platform that allow them to do way more that we would do with other platforms. They did good research and found Bonita, finding that the platform has an incredible power and is opensource.

The opensource version allows to download it and play with it and see if it works for you. It does require some technical skill but there's a beautiful community with thousands of users and a lot of support that you can get. You can get a very good feeling and once you're ready to go production you can chose to move to the entreprise version to benefit from a powerful support and more features.

The REST API capacities allow to put Bonita in existing infrastructure and very quickly enable change of data.