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Interview with Intelligent Pathways

Simon Mc Cabe and  Nirdesh Gupta from Intelligent Pathways speak about their partnership with Bonitasoft and the Bonita platform

Intelligent Pathways is located in Australia and they are a Bonitasoft partner for this region. They are a consulting firm and are often asked to identify technologies that will support digital transformation. In the business process space, they found Bonita to be the perfect solution for their client needs, a good fit between the Bonita platform and their customers' scenarios for digital transformation. Digital process automation and digitization are critical components handled with Bonita.

Bonita's specific value fills an important role in their clients' broader digital platform. It provides visibility into the benefits of change. As business process automation drives customer experience and process efficiency, Bonita is a great fit due to the openness that permits developers to build great user experiences. Solutions that are developed are flexible.

Intelligent Pathways shares the specific use case of a large university that has a unique need to automate 400+ manual processes. Within a year they have already rolled-out 40+ processes and are accelerating. The University is on a path of "digitization on steroids" using the reusable components provided by Bonita.

They assert that working with Bonita is flexible. Bonitasoft is looking to assist them and is able to look at different ways to match Australian market needs.