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March 02, 2021
12:00 pm EST (New York)
Process Automation LIVE - Episode 1: Financial Services

Make your existing Solution tastier with serverless Salt -Serverless architecture conference

When it comes to the cloud these days it is often associated with DevOps and micro-services related technologies.


Serverless started a few years back but it was only recently that it really caught peoples’ interest, maybe since mature enough tooling became available.

Many teams identified serverless as a much better fit than micro-services to improve the efficiency of their existing solutions: It is quite incremental, flexible and does not necessarily require structural modifications.

In our team, we decided to confirm these thoughts trying to integrate serverless into our business application platform. It was the occasion to appreciate the pros and cons but also to get a better idea of how complex it is to support.


In this talk, we share our really positive journey and demonstrate how serverless can be a great start for teams with the objective of ramping-up one step at a time on the cloud in general.



- Learn about serverless (intro, pros, cons, ecosystem)

- Know how to leverage serverless with a non cloud-native solution (integration example)

- Know how serverless can help the transition to cloud architecture