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April 20, 2021
9:00 am CEST
Bonita Camp Online - English (Training, Europe)

User Centered Design: guarantee that your business process automation projects succeed

Wide user acceptance is one of the biggest challenges companies face when launching a new project, product, or service. Any of these can fail for a variety of reasons, but failure is often due to a disappointing user experience. The process of User Centered Design actively takes into account the needs, expectations, and characteristics of end users at each stage of the development process, leading ultimately to better user satisfaction.

The tools and processes manager of a large French automotive group recently noted, "You have to be user-centric to successfully digitize your processes."  End users can feel, “This was actually designed with me in mind - my wants and needs were actually considered before a tool was imposed on me to use.”

This webinar will help you better understand User Centered Design and see how to implement this methodology. From layout to delivery of the first iteration and through continuous improvement, you will learn how to use the Bonita UI Designer as an iteration tool to guarantee an ideal match with the actual needs of end users.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Do not start a project with making sure it’s technically feasible.
  • Do not start a project with creating technical segmentations of the domain.
  • Do not start a project with thinking about how Dave or Fred would like the app to be (or their old aunt, for that matter).
  • Start a project with making sure the team embeds such user-centered skills.
  • Business analyst - UX design and UI design.
  • The business part is not delegated to this person. 
  • They will “just” bring flow and relevance to the business-IT collaboration & they will guarantee (by the UCD method) the usability of the result application.

It all starts with project planning
Make sure you have the right skills in the team to ease pragmatic interaction with the users.

  1. Analysis
    - interviews
    - observations of the current situation and way to do the job
    - auto-confrontation
  2. Design
    - event storming
    - design studios
  3. Implement as an Agile team

User-Centered Design method takes some specific skills.
Simple common sense is not enough when the project targets people other than the developers.
It brings fun, quality and users’ satisfaction compared to sequential and separate teams.
It requires a budget, but the return on investment is guaranteed, both at project relevance and the health of teams relationship levels.

  • Talk about it when a project and its resources are taking shape
  • Give arguments so the team tries
  • Enjoy!