Developers: We’re setting you free with Bonita BPM 7.

You build the applications that run billion dollar businesses, and that’s amazing.
So we’ve built something for you, to set you free from long, unpredictable development cycles.

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Meet Bonita BPM 7

You need a new application to support a critical business what?

Sometimes you need custom application development. Usually, you don’t. Watch why.

Curious about what it does?

Just about everything, that’s what. You can:


powerful business processes with our award winning BPM suite.


engaging, responsive applications that work on any device.


your business data and systems, and build extensions freely.


your applications in real-time, without interrupting service.


everything, and even repair, replay, or skip failed activities on-the-fly.

Like numbers?

We do, too. Here’s Bonitasoft, in facts and figures.

120,000 community members
1,000+ customers
in 75 countries

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Bonita BPM 7

Bonita BPM 7: Empower developers to build applications that delight business

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