Bonita BPM: The most powerful
BPM-based application platform.

Everything you need to build highly engaging, personalized
business applications that adapt to your business in real time.

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Meet Bonita BPM 7

You need a new application to support a critical business what?

Sometimes you need custom application development. Usually, you don’t. Watch why.

Curious about what it does?

Just about everything, that’s what. You can:


powerful business
processes with our award
winning BPM suite.


engaging, responsive
applications that work on
any device.


your business data and
systems, and build
extensions freely.


to business changes in
real time, without any


easily with high availability
, and powerful monitoring
and reporting.

Great customers deserve great results

Bonitasoft supports a wide variety of customers in a wide variety of industries and geographies.

Like numbers?

We do, too. Here’s Bonitasoft, in facts and figures.

120,000 community members
1,000+ customers
in 75 countries

BPM Resources

Get an even deeper understanding of how to use BPM in your business with these
white papers, e-books, best practices and more.

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