Developers, you’re our heroes.

You literally build businesses, one line of code at a time. You’re behind every process, every transaction,
and every dollar in today’s global economy. So to help you, we founded Bonitasoft.

We’re a different kind of BPM company

A lot has changed since 2009, but our mission hasn’t, we help developers and business users drive growth together. We make developers heroes so they're free to create the best business applications, so business users get what they want, without compromise.

For us, that means more than just building the best BPM-based application platform on the market. It means being more open, more flexible, and more fun, too.

Today, we’re proud to be the fastest growing open-source BPM provider in the world, with more than 1,000 customers in 75+ countries.

What we do »

Helping you build powerful, process-based business applications.

We are open source »

Supported by a community of over a 120,000 members.

Our vision »

Our goals as application developers.

Our values »

The attributes that shape our approach to how we work.

Our leaders are different, too.

With them, we’ve built a company from "startup" to "grownup."

We're passionate. We're proud. And we're totally nerdy.

Our team is energetic and enthusiastic, and the atmosphere is conducive to building relationships.

Poorav C.
Support Manager
There are a lot of demands on a small team so there's a real variety of work. I enjoy the opportunity to multitask every day and to work with more than 20 nationalities, this is really enriching. It's never boring!

Stephanie L.
Office Manager
We're always looking to explore new technologies, so it's technically challenging and that makes it exciting here.

Duy T.
Product Release
There's a real international spirit here, with more than 20 nationalities. Every time you meet a new culture it\'s enriching.

Domenico G.
I came to Bonitasoft looking for technical challenges. I've found a human adventure with friendly, inspiring and challenging people. Like all Bonitos, I feel I can make a difference in building the best product for our users.

Nicolas C.
We're not at all hierarchical, which makes it easy to just go ask someone in another team for help or for an answer. Having a coffee with the CEO is totally normal here!

Miguel D.
Working at Bonitasoft is really challenging and I'm never bored! Tasks are diverse, employees are empowered and atmosphere is good.

Anne-Laure D.
I enjoy communicating with our customers, and the close collaboration with the services team. Plus I love to listen to music all day while I work!

Jean G.
Figuring out how to match product strategy with users and developers' needs could look a bit like a challenge. But here, the unique Bonitasofters' Human Touch makes it quite nice.

Nathalie C.
We've got a great team spirit here. People are honest, work hard and help each other succeed.

Romain B.
We have opportunities to build and innovate in our day-to-day work. My team is constantly inventing new solutions to better help our customers.

Marielle S.
Customer Support
Bonitasoft is a great company to work for. You are surrounded by passionate people who all are expert in their domain. Top management is very positive and supportive of new ideas and opportunities. The atmosphere can be simply summarized by "fun"!

Philippe L.
It's exciting to work in such a rich multicultural environment, with colleagues who all have the same goal: to give the best every day, together, to make this company advance and provide the best product and service to its customers! Every morning I come to work with a smile.

Delphine C.
Customer Success

It's rewarding, serving our customers

We love to be recognized. Big thanks to our customers, for making these awards possible.

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For developers by developers.

At Bonitasoft we believe that the developers shall inherit the earth.
So we hire the smartest, greatest developers that know how to build products and
companies that change the world.