[Webinar] Toward Process Excellence #2 - Where do I start with process automation?

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024
4:30pm CEST
ThalĂ­a Cruz

ThalĂ­a Cruz

Community Evangelist

🏅Become a Process Champion! What do you need to know about the underlying foundation of business process automation?

Processes are everywhere! All businesses run on processes, even if we might not be fully aware of it. This conversational webinar offers information and insights for anyone who is unfamiliar with the practice of “Business Process Management” and its key role in process automation - for the “tech” and the “biz” who both want to modernize processes with automation.

This webinar discussion will also cover, more generally, how automation technology can help you in day-to-day work processes.

Even if you are already familiar with BPM, come join the conversation - we’d love to hear your insights and experience!

  • đź“… Thursday, February 27th
  • đź•ź 4:30 pm CET (Paris, France time)

Our 2024 webinar series on Process Excellence is designed to help you become a Process Champion. 🏆

🎽 Our webinar hosts and guest coaches will present interactive sessions designed to help you achieve gold medal performance. Each webinar in the series will take on a different aspect of how to achieve Process Excellence.

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