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Dive deeper into how to deliver business automation projects using BPM and low code approach with these tutorials, interviews, demos, webinars, and more.

Covid-19: addressing operational weaknesses in business processes

Covid-19: addressing operational...

The Covid-19 crisis and remote working have highlighted the fragility of manual, partially automated processes - and revealed broken processes that...
60 min
Build a Center of Excellence to meet digital transformation challenges

Build a Center of Excellence to meet...

In this webinar, you will learn more about the techniques for creating and using a Center of Excellence to provide structured...
Bonita Camp - Bonita solution and components - Part 1

Bonita Camp - Bonita solution and...

Bonita Camp is a training to Bonita Community Edition usage. The main objective of this training is to familiarize yourself with concepts and key...
Bonita Camp - BPMN - Part 2

Bonita Camp - BPMN - Part 2

Start learning the basics of BPMN 2.0 and how to create your first Bonita process. Watch next training
Bonita Camp - Data management with Bonita - Part 3

Bonita Camp - Data management with...

Learn how you managed data with Bonita: store and update business data, how data moved from the user web browser to the Bonita BDM database... ...
Bonita Camp - User interfaces - Part 4

Bonita Camp - User interfaces - Part 4

Learn how to create custom web interfaces with Bonita UI Designer tool. Watch next training
Bonita Camp - Users management - Part 5

Bonita Camp - Users management - Part 5

Understand how you can defined who can do a task, start a process...  Watch next training
Bonita Camp - Connect Bonita with external systems - Part 6

Bonita Camp - Connect Bonita with...

See how Bonita can collaborate with external system: call web services, REST API, send emails... Watch next training
Bonita Camp - Bonita applications - Part 7

Bonita Camp - Bonita applications -...

Bonita Camp - English - Part 7 - Bonita applications Watch next training
Bonita Camp - Deployment - Part 8

Bonita Camp - Deployment - Part 8

How to deploy Bonita artifacts on a production server.
User Centered Design: guarantee that your business process automation projects succeed

User Centered Design: guarantee that...

Wide user acceptance is one of the biggest challenges companies face when launching a new project, product, or service. Any of these can fail for a...
Introducing the new business automation toolkit (with Neil Ward Dutton from IDC)

Introducing the new business...

It seems that everywhere we turn, we see stories of how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI technologies can help us reinvigorate forgotten...
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