• Great customers deserve great results

    See how these amazing companies use Bonita to build and update highly engaging business applications easily and beat their business goals.

  • Great customers deserve great results
  • ACS Postal Services

    ACS Postal Services testimonial on their usage of Bonita to improve communication with their subsidiaries.

  • Air Tahiti Nui

    Bonitasoft customer Air Tahiti Nui now has a decentralized, clear waiver process that makes life easier for agents, accounting, and customers

  • Alliance Healthcare

    Alliance Healthcare improves its customer service by relying on Bonita Cloud as its business process digitalization platform.

  • Alptis

    Alptis success story using Bonita platform for their digital transformation

  • Altima

    In France, an innovative insurer improves efficiency with the Bonita open-source DAP platform

  • Ametera iGenio

    Ametera case study using Bonita for Marketing processes compliance to Euritmo (Web-EDI in Italy)

  • Areva

    Areva usage of Bonita to build applications for tracking engineering changes

  • AUTOonline

    Automation of processing and monitoring claims with Bonita

  • Banco Bica

    Discover how Banco Bica, a Bonitasoft customer, creates successful market differentiation with Bonita by focusing on the user experience.

  • BBVA

    Centralizing previously distributed loan operations improves time to market for innovation, reduces risk and improves efficiency

  • Binter

    Reduce administrative tasks and eliminate repetitive tasks with Bonita

  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

    Bonitasoft customer Bristol-Myers Squibb a digital transformation of analytical processes in drug discovery leveraging Bonita platform


    CAFAT leverages Bonita as a platform for modernizing its IS and automating its business processes.

  • Canton de Vaud

    Modernisation of a public administration to increase citizen satisfaction based on process automation with the Bonita platform.

  • CFDT

    CFDT uses Bonita with to optimizing membership management and improve the complex user experience

  • Cineca

    Digital identity lifecycle management requisites with Bonita


    CIPAV chose Bonita for their digital transformation with the objective of improving member service

  • Cisco

    Read up on Cisco's project to create a self-service portal for onboarding using Bonita.

  • Comops

    ComOps, A Bonitasoft customers, integrated Bonita in their product suite in less than 2 months to provide BPM features to their customers.

  • Coreso

    Bonitasoft customer story : Coreso - Fast delivery of critical, accurate, high-quality reports using the Bonita platform.

  • Cornerstone Performance Solutions

    "Bonita will work well for any organization, it is simple to use and robust at the same time." - Olatunji Akanbi, Performance Improvement Consultant, Cornerstone Performance Solutions

  • Crédit Agricole

    Testimonial from Crédit Agricole on how they have automated their loan process with Bonita.

  • CSC

    CSC case study using Bonita for corporate litigation and compliance services

  • Dorel Juvenile Group

    Dorel Juvenile cas study using Bonita for their product to market process.

  • Egyptian Exchange

    Streamlined processes for faster work with the Bonita platform

  • Enernoc

    Check out how EnerNOC has used Bonita to save over $1 billion in customer savings. 

  • Federal District Court of Mexico

    Automated tracking of formal disputes with the Bonita platform

  • First Digital Solutions

    Find out why First Digital Solutions uses Bonita to make applications can be easily integrated with other systems.

  • French Department of Defense

    The French department of defense uses Bonita for varied logistics applications

  • Global Asset Management firm

    An American Global Asset Management firm with the help of Cenotech digitized provisioning, on-boarding and management for SMA accounts

  • Gottex Brokers Alternative

    Bonita enables better compliance and customer service in financial investments management

  • Government Hydrographic Office

    Bonita helps safer sailing in national waters with up-to-date information in Notices to Mariners

  • Hearst Media Services

    Hearst Media services automating complex digital solutions orders and product management in a rapidly growing business with Bonita

  • Hotela

    Hotela accelerates strategic and organizational transformation unsing Bonita.

  • Hunter Douglas

    Hunter Douglas has implemented more than 30 Bonita processes over 4 years

  • Hyster-Yale

    Hyster-Yale needed a new solution to replace their existing BPM implementation to reduce downtime and maintenance cost issues of core critical processes.

  • Icade

    Icade chooses Bonita Cloud to industrialize business processes and gain productivity

  • Icon Offshore

    Bonitasoft customer testimonial, Icon offshore. Invoicing for complex logistical support service streamlined and accelerated with Bonita

  • Indra

    Find out how Indra is using Bonita to address automatization, control and traceability of credit factory processes.

  • Ingersoll Rand

    Ingersoll-Rand started by transforming their order entry processes with Bonita

  • Intelligent Pathways

    Check out this page to see what Intelligent pathways has to say about their usage of Bonita.

  • Konica-Minolta

    Konica-Minolta optimizes customer contract management with Bonita

  • Leader in Information Technology

    Find out how thie leader in information technology uses Bonita for workflow approval.

  • Learning Health

    Learning Health is specifically addressing the challenge faced by skilled nursing facilities with elderly patients with BPM processes built on Bonita.

  • Leon Grosse

    Bonita as a digital transformation platform for managing complex processes.

  • Lombard Odier

    Paperless processes, mix of human and automatic tasks and strong collaboration between different teams

  • Loop Inc

    LoopPay uses Bonita to manage e-commerce and m-commerce payment services

  • MAIF

    The MAIF group confirms its choice of the Bonita platform as an enterprise solution dedicated to the management of its processes, making Bonita its foundation for process-based projects.

  • Manitou

    Manitou is digitizing its Expense Authorization processes.

  • McGill University Health Centre

    MUHC has created a series of information security processes to manage information security and identity management for more than 20,000 people in their collaborative ecosystem.

  • Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

    Single portal with multiple complex forms created to centralize 30 different agriculture related e-services based on Bonita

  • Multiasistencia

    Comprehensive claims management with Bonita

  • National Maritime Agency

    The coast guard is now embarking on a multi-year project to outsource the deployment of a large number of coastal buoys to private contractors.

  • National procurement institution

    A national institute responsible for procurement has deployed Bonita to automate several of their core administrative processes

  • Old Dominion University

    Old Dominion University case study using Bonita to streamline their account request process.

  • Opera Solutions

    Implementation of a workflow solution to select and onboard suppliers with Bonita

  • Orange

    Management of online sales logistics with Bonita

  • Páginas Amarillas

    Digital transformation of advertising production with Bonita

  • Panama National Authority for Government Innovation

    Panama National Authority for Government Innovation builds better e-government with digital transformation

  • Premiere Digital Services

    Bonita supports worldwide access to film, TV, and other content for million-level content deliveries

  • Procergs

    Bonita for e-citizen process-based applications

  • Rightmove

    Rightmove usage of Bonita to manage complaints handling

  • Sales training organization

    This case study shows how Bonita was integrated with sales training methodologies.

  • SEGEF Group

    SEGEF improves internal communication by structuring its business flows with Bonita



    SESCAM is assuring patient notification and followup for effective cancer screenings with Bonita.

  • Software Company

    Find out how this software company uses Bonita to customize clients workflow processes.

  • Software provider for in-home internet and connected devices

    Bonita at the heart of this provider’s proprietary solution for automated testing of software for in-home internet & connected devices

  • Teach for America

    Teach for America (TFA) is using Bonita to streamline and automate its processes for selecting candidates

  • Tempo Assist

    99.997% up time to serve customers 24/7 with Bonita applications

  • Thomson Video Networks

    Thomson Video Networks connects ERP, CRM and users through Bonita for a better customer experience.

  • Trebi

    Use of Bonita for front office management and loan collection processes

  • Trentino Network

    Trentino improves service and infrastructure monitoring with Bonita

  • Universcience

    Bonita supports the Cité des Sciences in its digital transformation

  • Université Paris-Dauphine

    Streamlined management of student internships and adjunct teaching staff with Bonita

  • University & research center

    A leading university research center uses Bonita to accelerate application development

  • University of Auckland

    Check out how the University of Auckland uses Bonita to automate paper forms and improve integration with other systems.

  • University of Massachusetts

    UMASS uses Bonita for better employee and students experience

  • University of Queensland

    With a focus on students as customers with high expectations, UQ digitised 40+ business processes in 12 months to provide a better overall user experience leveraging existing 15-20 year old legacy systems

  • Upsider

    Find out how Upsider is using Bonita to dispatch leads between the sales team.

  • US Dept of Health & Human Services

    Find out the US Dept of Health & Human Services uses Bonita to care for patients.

  • Verallia

    Bonitasoft customer testimonial. Verallia digital transformation using the Bonita platform.

  • VIS insurance LTD

    Bonita, a collaborative BPM platform for claims management.


  • Vodafone

    Service issues management with Bonita: 40% of cases are now resolved digitally.

  • Voo Nethys

    Voo Nethys automates critical information system with Bonita to improve performance for 200 new mobile customers per day.

  • Xerox

    Xerox is adding traceability and reducing printing cost with Bonita