ACS Postal Services

Quality control and critical communications are no longer tracked in “email hell” - thanks to Bonita.

ACS Postal Service
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600 service points

«We are quite happy with the Bonita platform. The connectors, the interfaces, the quality of the software, are all very good.»

John Vratsos, IT Director

Project objective

Introduce smoother operations across 275 branches

ACS Postal Services uses the franchisee model of operation, with one central company with 275 branches using ACS operational procedures and systems. Two applications were needed across the network of offices and agents.

The organization identified the requirements for two applications used across the entire network of agents.

Quality Control of voucher prints

Reduce the need for reprints: A printed bar code has to be readable by machines so packages can be routed properly through sorting hubs. If a voucher is not correctly readable or is misplaced on a package, it needs to be reprinted before it is passed through the sorting machines, which imposes cost.

Track and manage objections: Make voucher quality control and objections to quality control issues raised by agents easier to track. Agents were reporting that their objections were getting lost in the email system.

Communicate KPIs on voucher reprinting to agents.

Announcement of new procedures to agents

Insure that important announcements are read through confirmation and automate reminders when messages are not read.

Reduce risk of customer service issues due to agents not being up-to-date on policies and procedures.

Benefits realized

  • Improved customer and user experience.
  • Minimized workload of vouchers reprinting process.
  • Fewer agents are complaining about being penalized unfairly.
  • Lower risk of errors that can affect customer service.
  • A variation of the application also escalates the notification to SMS outside working hours when the agent needs to receive a more persistent notification.

Bonita enhanced tracking of quality control and critical communications

«Basically, the old email-based system was email hell.»

John Vratsos, IT Director

ACS Postal Service

ACS Postal Services is the leading courier service for documents, parcels, and packages in Greece and abroad, and has operated in the Greek market since 1981. ACS has the largest network in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria, with more than 600 service points which cover the communication needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals in 200 countries around the world with speed, safety and reliability.

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