• Professional Services

    A unique team with deep expertise, delivering value for your success. We make sure Bonita contributes to your objectives and outcomes, with the best possible user experience.

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  • Professional Services
  • Our mission
  • Our mission

    • Assure that Bonita supports your goals and offer the best possible user experience.
    • Secure your  Bonita project in collaboration with your implementation team - yours alone, or with a qualified partner. 
    • Empower your team for sustainable Bonita platform management.
  • Our approach

    • Our global approach addresses both business and technical needs. 
    • We offer guidance, methodology, and best practices.
    • We provide knowledge transfer adapted to team roles and your industry.
  • Our approach
  • Unmatched Bonita expertise
  • We provide unique, well proven experience

    • Using successful Bonitasoft methodology defined, documented, and approved by Bonitasoft R&D
    • To secure your projects through Bonita Enterprise subscription and Bonita Expertise options
    • With a proven, successful advisory approach
  • Unmatched Bonita expertise

    • All our consultants are experts in BPM, Java technologies, DevOps tools, and security best practices.
    • They receive ongoing training and have direct access to the R&D team.
    • They can influence the R&D roadmap based on feedback from their project work.
    • They comprise a wealth of vertical knowledge directly useful to Bonita teams.
  • Unmatched Bonita expertise
  • Global reach Bonita
  • Global reach

    • Consultants are based in the US, France, and Spain.
    • International team speaks English, French, and Spanish.
    • Expertise is delivered onsite or remotely, worldwide.
  • We have engaged Bonita resources as technical training and consulting experts. Currently, we have a primary resource who understands our business and offers insightful suggestions on how we can customize and integrate the Bonita features we use.



    Learning Health
  • Need specific help from Bonitasoft experts?

    • Migrate your Bonita platform from on-premise to the cloud with Move to Bonita Cloud.
    • Migrate to the latest Bonita version with Bonita Platform Update.
    • Go to production as fast as possible with Fast Track Bonita Project Delivery.
    • Audit your Bonita project to assure best practices, optimum performance, review code, and more with Bonita Audit.

    More options are always available from Bonita experts. Bonita expertise is available with Bonita Enterpise subscription, and also a la carte.


  • Bonitasoft experts
  • A complete training offer
  • A complete training offer

    • Training on the Bonita platform is based on the trainee's profile and level of expertise:  business analysts/citizen developers; developers; or system, platform, and process administrators.
    • Completion of Bonita certification grants access to continuing education throughout each Bonita major version life cycle.
    • Bonita certification is renewable after completion of each major version training cycle.
    • Find a training for you!


  • Bonitasoft's strong point is the the qualification of its consultants - they have a broad and deep knowledge of their platform.


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