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August 26, 2021
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TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Trainings and certifications for active subscription users

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Business track

"I’m a beginner with Bonita. I need to know what’s necessary to manage Living Application Development and make sure it’s aligned with business needs. I want to be able to model our business needs with Bonita, but I’m not a developer!"

Follow this track if you are a:

  • Business analyst, business owner, process manager, or project manager, responsible for business processes and applications - and familiar with BPMN and business analysis methodology

Certification for this track includes:

  • Bonita Living Application Design    learn more


Developer track

"I'm a beginner with Bonita and I want to know how to develop Living Applications, using all its technical components. I need to be able to understand and address all development issues according to best practices."

Follow this track if you are a:

  • Process and application developer, a backend or front end developer, implementing processes and applications - and familiar with Java and Angular JS

This track includes:

  • Bonita Living Application Development training    learn more

  • Bonita Living Application Development certification    learn more

Sys Admin / IT Admin track

"My company chose Bonita as a Living Application platform. I need to know all about its management, from installation to maintenance."

Follow this track if you are a:

  • System or IT administrator, and install and configure hardware and software

Certification for this track includes:

innovation development team

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We have engaged Bonita resources as technical training and consulting experts. Currently, we have a primary resource who understands our business and offers insightful suggestions on how we can customize and integrate the Bonita features we use."

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