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August 26, 2021
5:30 pm EDT (New York) - 8:30am PDT (San Francisco)
TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Bonita Platform Administration

Certification training dedicated to sys Admin and IT admin to enable them to install, understand and manage a Bonita platform.

The purpose of this training is to enable administrators to install, understand and manage a Bonita platform.

This training is suitable to the system administrators who need to:

  • understand the architecture of Bonita
  • perform the administration activities related to Bonita
  • deploy Bonita resources on the server
  • understand how to manage users, including right access and security
  • understand the operations in terms of maintenance required in Bonita

When the training is completed, you will be able to:

  • install the Bonita platform and configure it properly
  • monitor the platform through the Bonita portal
  • perform deployment of processes and applications on the Bonita platform
  • create new users through the portal or through LDAP synchronization
  • configure properly security activities on Bonita platform
  • perform maintenance activities and upgrade Bonita version 

Duration - 2 full days (onsite) or 3 half days (online)

Sessions can be planned on demand - Contact

Requirements: system administrators or developers familiar with application servers.