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    The most widely used, open source Digital Process Automation platform - with an ecosystem of more than 150,000 members and customers in more than 75 countries.


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No matter what you need, there’s an edition for you

Explore our Open Source Edition - or skip straight to our Enterprise editions (Access or Scale) for enterprise-grade performance for critical applications.
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Open Source Edition

The open-source edition of the Bonita platform includes all capabilities required to develop and deploy process automation projects.

The platform leverages Bonitasoft’s unique approach to low-code, and clearly separates visual programming vs coding capabilities to drive collaboration and simplify project governance.


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Enterprise Editions

The Enterprise editions of the Bonita platform (Access or Scale) address core and critical process automation use cases. These editions add additional capabilities to Bonita Open-Source to secure, scale, monitor and continuously improve process automation projects.

The Bonita Enterprise editions are bundled with subscription services that provide full project lifecycle support and services from development to operations.

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What's in Bonita Process Automation?

Capabilities and featuresOpen SourceAccessScale
Process Modeling  

Modeling tool for visually design and map out business processes. It involves defining steps, assigning tasks, and setting up decision points to create a clear workflow that teams can follow.
Data Modeling  

Define and manage the data structure critical to business processes. It involves configuring data types and relationships to ensure efficient and smooth data flow, optimizing operational performance.
Forms & Apps Custom Development  

Enables developers to create sophisticated forms and applications tailored to specific business needs (our solution is natively compatible with your favorite framework).
Bonitasoft Public Marketplace (connectors, actor filters, applications)  

Comprehensive suite of professional-grade connectors, actor filters, and applications designed to enhance operational efficiency and expand capabilities.
Custom Extensions (connectors, actor filters, applications)  

Custom extensions allow users to create tailored solutions specific to their business needs. These extensions include custom connectors for seamless system integration, actor filters for efficient task management, and specialized applications designed to optimize particular workflows.
Artifact Repository  

A centralized repository for accessing official Bonitasoft artifacts, simplifying the management of dependencies (e.g., Maven dependencies for projects). Bonita automatically fetches the necessary artifacts, facilitating development, version control and continuous integration processes.
Bonita Application Builder  

Designed for creating and customizing user interfaces, this tool facilitates the development of applications on the Bonita Platform
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Bonita Test toolkit  

Provides tools and frameworks for testing Bonita applications, ensuring that processes function as expected before deployment. This toolkit is essential for reducing errors and enhancing the stability of applications.
Continuous Integration Deployment  

Deploy and execute your application within a Continuous Integration framework, adhering to industry standards and best practices. Options include single node execution, self-contained app, or platform mode, each designed to streamline deployment processes efficiently.
Admin App  

In addition to the scope of the classic admin app, advanced functions such as error management and visualization directly on the diagram are also available.
Admin App - Advanced  

A dedicated application for administrators that offers tools for managing deployments, monitoring system health, and configuring system settings. This app is designed to help maintain and oversee the Bonita environment effectively, ensuring optimal performance and stability.
User App  

Tailored for end users, this application allows users to interact with deployed processes, complete tasks, and track their progress within workflows. It serves as a generic application where users can directly manage and execute their tasks efficiently.
Multilingual Product Experience  

Bonita is available in six languages: French, English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR), Italian and Japanese, enhancing accessibility and user experience across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Enables the storage of completed process instances and their associated data, facilitating historical analysis and compliance with data retention policies.
Basic Authentication (Bonita Database)  

A native authentication mechanism that utilizes password-based security. Users authenticate by providing credentials stored directly in the Bonita database, offering a simple yet effective security measure.
Custom Authentication  

Provides the ability to configure and customize your own authentication implementation. This feature supports the integration of custom-built or third-party authentication services to meet specific security requirements, enhancing the adaptability and security of your system.
User & Admin profiles  

Default profiles provided by Bonita for basic user and administrative access, which define what each type of user can see and do within the platform.
Custom Profiles & Permissions  

Allows organizations to define specific roles and permissions (groups) beyond the default settings, tailoring access and control according to unique business needs.
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LDAP Sync  

Integrates with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers to synchronize user and group details, automating the management of user identities and permissions based on the organization’s directory service.
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SSO Authentication  

Enables users to log into multiple systems with a single set of credentials, improving security and user experience.
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High Availability / High Performance  

Bonita supports horizontal scalability through clustering, where several instances (nodes) of your application collaborate to handle user traffic and process loads. This setup enhances system reliability, reduces risks of downtime, and allows for peak load absorption, ensuring continuous service and performance.
Event Handler  

Manages events within the system, including start, end, and errors in process instances. This feature ensures that appropriate actions can be triggered automatically in response to specific conditions, enhancing process automation and responsiveness.
Monitoring & optimization
Application Monitoring (Bonita Central)  

Monitor the health of each individual application, as well as the overall system. Simplify configuration management with this centralized means to define and manage configurations for each app consistently and efficiently.
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Process Reporting and Analytics  

Embedded in our administration app, this feature comprises a set of reports created and maintained by Bonitasoft, ensuring they are tailored to highlight key metrics and insights.
Bonita Process Insights  

The analytics component of the Bonitasoft suite, designed to enhance operational efficiency by providing detailed visibility and control over automated business processes. BPI enables precise monitoring and optimization of processes, empowering businesses to identify inefficiencies, track performance against objectives, and make data-driven decisions.
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The on-premise or self-managed deployment option allows organizations to host the Bonita platform on their own hardware. This approach provides companies complete control over their infrastructure, data, and the management of the BPM solution, ensuring full autonomy and customization according to specific organizational needs and security requirements.
Bonita Cloud (Hosted)  

BonitaCloud is Bonitasoft's cloud-based offering, designed to provide a fully managed BPM solution.
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Product updates
Major Product Updates  

Major updates often introduce new features, significant improvements, or changes to the platform that enhance its capabilities, performance, or user experience. These updates are critical for maintaining the system's efficiency and ensuring that users benefit from the latest advancements in technology and usability.
Patch Versions  

Smaller updates designed to fix bugs, address security vulnerabilities, and make minor improvements to the system.
Services & SupportOpen SourceAccessScale
Gold Elite  

Business Hours: 8x5


  • Access to the Customer Service Center
  • Support for usage questions
  • Unlimited number of open tickets
  • 2 designated support contacts

Response Times:

  • High Business Impact: 3 hours
  • Medium Business Impact: 5 hours
  • Low Business Impact: 1 day
Gold Elite+  

Business Hours: 24x5


  • Access to the Customer Service Center
  • Phone call support
  • Support for usage questions
  • Unlimited number of open tickets
  • 3 designated support contacts

Response Times:

  • High Business Impact: 3 hours
  • Medium Business Impact: 5 hours
  • Low Business Impact: 1 day

Business Hours: 24x7


  • Access to the Customer Service Center
  • Phone call support
  • Support for usage questions
  • Unlimited number of open tickets
  • 5 designated support contacts

Response Times:

  • High Business Impact: 3 hours
  • Medium Business Impact: 5 hours
  • Low Business Impact: 1 day
Bonita Platform Migration & Updates  

Get remote assistance to migrate to the latest Bonita version once a year. Up to 2 days of Professional Services assistance is included, ensuring a smooth transition and optimization of the new features and improvements in the latest release.
Expert Corner  

Enterprise customers have access to the Expert Corner, a specialized service that allows you to schedule time with our experts on the topic of your choice. Whether you have questions about your project, encounter a technical issue, or seek advice on best practices, our experts are available to provide answers and guidance during 30-minute to 1-hour sessions.
Annual Audit  

Included in the service is a 2-day annual audit. You have the flexibility to choose the scope of the audit, whether it involves code review, performance checks, or confirmation of best practices.

Provides comprehensive technical assistance for any type of request. Whether you need support with system configuration, troubleshooting, or optimization, our team is ready to offer expert guidance and solutions to meet your specific needs.
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Turn-Key Project  

A comprehensive service designed to handle all aspects of your project from inception to completion. This solution provides a ready-to-use setup tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless implementation and launch.
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Provides specialized training for business analysts, developers, and system administrators
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Customer Success Manager  

A dedicated Customer Success Representative to help you set your projects up for success.

Bonita subscriptions

You get the licenses, maintenance, and support for one or more years. The final price will depend on your deployment choices, number of cases, and level of support. If you are based outside of Europe, please contact us for specific pricing details based on your country and currency options.

For the on-premise/hybrid annual subscription, pricing is based on your architecture (production & non-production environments, HA) and level of support.
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