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July 01, 2021
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IT Modernization and process automation

Bonita pricing

The most widely used, open source Digital Process Automation platform - with an ecosystem of more than 150,000 members and customers in more than 75 countries
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Explore our open source Community Edition - or skip straight to our Subscription Edition for enterprise-grade performance for critical applications.

Bonita community
Community edition
The open source edition of the Bonita platform includes all capabilities required to develop and deploy process automation projects. The platform leverages Bonitasoft's unique approach to low-code, and clearly separates visual programming vs coding capabilities to drive collaboration and simplify project governance.


Bonta Enterprise
Enterprise edition
The Enterprise edition of the Bonita platform addresses core and critical process automation use cases. This edition adds additional capabilities to Bonita Community to secure, scale, monitor and continuously improve process automation projects. The Bonita Enterprise edition is bundled with subscription services that provide full project lifecycle support and services from development to operations.


On-premise or in the Cloud. Your choice!

On-premise, public cloud, private cloud, or somewhere in between — we make it easy for you to run and manage the Bonita Enterprise platform.

Bonita on premise

On Premise
Deploy on premise. Leverage your existing infrastructure.
Bonita private cloud

Private or Public Cloud
Choose a hybrid approach or a proprietary cloud development to match your preferred architecture.
Bonita Cloud

Bonita Cloud
Choose a fully managed environment with Bonita Platform-as-a-Service Bonita Cloud. Make it simple to deploy, operate, and scale in the cloud.


What's in Bonita Enterprise?

Capabilities and features On-premise, Private or Public Cloud Bonita Cloud
Integrate with Enterprise Identity  
  • Configure SSO authentication for unique and seamless user authentication across applications.
  • Support CAS, SAML and Kerberos standards.
  • Synchronize users with central directory LDAP.
Authorization Management  

Manage user access control based on profiles mapped to the organization, which apply across the platform. Each profile can be given specific rights at application level.
Data Governance  
  • Grant access to entire business data or access to some attributes only (field-controlled access), to dedicated Profiles.
  • Configure access to API statically or dynamically, based on the execution of custom scripts for more restricted control on API access.
Capacity Planning  
  • Fine-tune which execution data to archive. This determines what information (for example archived instances of processes and executed tasks) is available to an administrator in Bonita Portal.
  • Manage database volume. Automatically clean unused historical data.
  • Ensure High Availability and High Performance of Bonita platform with clustering.
  • Ensure business continuity with clustering capabilities for mission-critical applications.
  • Ensure scalability in a containerised Bonita Runtime using deployment orchestration with Kubernetes.
Process Monitoring  

Display the BPMN process diagram to:
  • Visualize the current status of a given process instance, enriched with execution information.
  • Look into case lists to see blockages and pinpoint errors.
Platform Monitoring  
  • Use Bonita performance metrics for performance analysis (user load, message consumption, DB requests, etc).
  • Take advantage of the unique aggregator to get all monitoring data (Prometheus Publisher).
Process Reporting and Analytics  
  • Visualize the history of all process instances with the BPMN process diagram, enriched with past execution information.
  • See predefined reports in the Bonita Portal for operational reporting.
  • Define business-specific KPIs and couple them directly to processes. Visualize results with graphical reporting tools.
  • Use UI Designer to design custom graphical visualization of any data (business or execution).
Continuously Improve
Continuous Delivery  

Automated deployment capabilities and native support for continuous delivery practices and tools are provided through Bonita Continuous Delivery, now included in Bonita Enterprise subscription).

Automatically generate default or customized project documentation.
Error Management  
  • Quickly identify issues, fix problems, and replay or skip failed tasks.
  • Quickly fix issues in production by changing elements on current running (and future) process instances (process parameters, forms, business rules scripts, and others).
  • Update Business parameters and rules to adapt the process to new business needs.
Runtime extensibility  
  • Adapt Bonita Engine behaviour thanks to the Bonita service-oriented-archiecture.
  • Capture Bonita Engine events and trigger external actions (alert, notifications, etc).
No locking between editions  
  • A project created with Bonita Enterprise is editable in the Bonita Community without data loss or reconfigurations.
  • A runtime environment in Bonita Enterprise can be downgraded without data loss.
Support & services On-premise, Private or Public Cloud Bonita Cloud
Customer Service Center

SLA-based support in French, English and Spanish.

Training on skills for business analysts, developers, system administrators.
Experts Corner  

Enterprise customers have access to the Expert Corner, a service that allows you to schedule time with our experts on the topic of your choice. Whether it is a question about your project, a technical problem or advice on best practices, our experts have answers during the 30-minute to 1-hour sessions.
Annual audit  

A 2-day annual audit is included. You can choose the scope of the audit, whether it be code review, performance checks or confirmation of best practices.
Maintenance updates  

Access twice-yearly maintenance updates
Bonita platform update  

Get remote assistance to migrate to the latest Bonita version once a year. Up to 2 days of PS assistance is included.
Managed Services
Automatic Elasticity of Bonita Runtime  
  • Scale with the customer business needs.
  • Enable more environments rapidly.
  • Infrastructure scales with usage needs.
  • Avoid the burden of provisioning scaling.
Guaranteed availability  
  • 99,9% availability guaranteed.
  • Continuity of service guaranteed with managed hosting.
  • Bonitasoft collaborates with cyber security experts for continuous security reinforcement.
  • Virtual private cloud ensures privacy and security.
  • IaaS partner with strong security certifications.
Guaranteed recorvery time & recovery point  
  • 1 min RPO.
  • 15 min RTO.
  • Regular backups and data retention guaranteed.
Hosting and operation  

The exact same Bonita platform managed, monitored and operated by Bonitasoft.

Bonita subscriptions

Subscription cost is simple and straightforward.


You get the licenses, maintenance and support for one or more years, with an unlimited number of users, CPUs, connectors, processes and process instances. Annual subscription cost starts from $80K for on-premise usage, and from $146K for Bonita Cloud. The final price will depend on your deployment choices and level of support. If you are based outside of the United States please contact us for specific pricing details based on your country and currency options.

on premise and hybrid

For the on premise/hybrid annual subscription, pricing is based on your architecture (production & non production environments, HA, HP) and level of support.
Bonita Cloud

With Bonita Cloud, everything is included - we manage it all. Pay by the number of environments and level of support.

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