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- Database schema versioning and migrations made simpler For high speed #CI/#CD: using #Liquibase. via Bonitasoft R&D… - - 🆓 [E-BOOK Manufacturing] Frustrated by lack of traceability and visibility on processes? Want to unify your IT land… - - 3 simple ways to create #connectors for the #Bonita platform: Use connectors to execute read/write operations and “…

SoftwareWorld rates BPM software

08 Sep 2020

SoftwareWorld rates BPM Software - we're given them a chance to have a look at Bonita are looking forward to showing up on the next Top 10+ list!

Bonita v 7.11.1 is now available

11 Aug 2020

Bonita 7.11.1 is out. NEW!! No more migration needed to upgrade to the new maintenance versions we release every month!

CTO Review of "Building Maintainable Software"

04 Aug 2020

My team is currently facing challenges regarding team growth, and software quality is a topic I am confronted with on a regular basis.  Here are my takeaways from the book ...

Be a Bonita Ace!

28 Jul 2020

Bonita developers and support engineers share tips and tricks for using Bonita like an ace

2020 Vendors to Know: Business Process Management

21 Jul 2020

The editors at Solutions Review selected these business process management tools based on real user sentiment through the web’s most trusted business software review sites

Using process discovery on business process management (BPM) through BPMN

15 Jul 2020

Process discovery, a technique used in process mining, can be used on the event logs of a generic application or process to extract enough information to re-create an accurate process model in...

Orchestration of systems and people — the human element of automation

07 Jul 2020

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura discusses some of the key benefits of using a BPMN engine when it comes to orchestration of interactions involving not only microservices — but any...

Bonita 7.11: The need for new digital processes arises from changing workplace conditions

30 Jun 2020

Bonitasoft releases Bonita 7.11: digital process automation spotlighted as Covid-19 impacts operations

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