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- Bonita 7.11: The need for new #DigitalProcesses arises from changing workplace conditions - - [Be a Bonita ace] #Bonita server not responding after an inactivity period? Bonitasoft support engineer Unai explai… - -

Bonita 7.11: The need for new digital processes arises from changing workplace conditions

30 Jun 2020

Bonitasoft releases Bonita 7.11: digital process automation spotlighted as Covid-19 impacts operations

MAIF chooses Bonita to manage its enterprise processes

23 Jun 2020

The MAIF group has chosen the Bonita platform as an enterprise-wide process management solution 

Financial services: Automated business processes make life better for everyone!

16 Jun 2020

Superior customer service makes a competitive difference in financial services. Provide well-tailored, user-friendly applications as a key differentiator.

Bonita v7.10.5 is out!

09 Jun 2020

The Bonita maintenance release version 7.10.5 is out!

Automating processes in healthcare for better outcomes

04 Jun 2020

How did BMS, SESCAM and McGill overcome their problems by automating key processes? Download this e-book and see.

3 essential elements of a low-code app platform

26 May 2020

Three essential aspects of a low-code application platform that professional developers expect to have

Bonita Camp - on demand!

19 May 2020

Bonita Camp offers free basic training - familiarize yourself with concepts and key features of Bonita!

Sustainability for survivability

12 May 2020

Looking at changes forced by the Covid pandemic, the CEO of Bonitasoft offers 3 views on sustainability: for business, customers, and employees

Avatars behind bars challenge: it's time to vote!

06 May 2020

Vote for your favorite in the "avatars behind bars" challenge!

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