Bonita Cloud platform offers agility to industrialize business process development and deployment



Icade, a French real estate development, promotion, and management company, designs innovative real estate products and services to meet new urban uses and lifestyles. They provide investment opportunities in tertiary and health real estate, along with promotion, to contribute to the emergence of tomorrow's smart and responsible cities. 

IIcade has 1,181 employees and the valuation of its properties is around 14.3 billion euros.

Icade's objectives

Icade selected the Bonita platform to transform its IT architecture and set up a real agile development factory. The group’s central IT department, responsible for providing an open-architecture tool base to the entire group, chose the extensible open source platform.

Organized around 3 major activity centers which share many applications, the group initiated an IT transformation project during the second half of 2019 to industrialize process modeling thereby gain productivity.

“With a complex system built around numerous satellite applications and different ERP management solutions, it became essential for our teams to be able to automate and accelerate our cross-application processes. Our objective is to improve the understanding, acceptance and dissemination of internal procedures at the group level."
  - Marie Guillard, Head of Studies and Master Planning at Icade

The choice of Bonita

Specifications were provided at the end of February 2019 to five providers. The specifications included a large and scalable functional scope capable of addressing Icade’s various business issues, an agile development capacity to test the solution, and the ability to gradually increase secure and open development on third party systems.

Bonitasoft was quickly chosen following a demonstration using a first use case for property with four processes:

  • automation of site engagement which requires a validation workflow at different levels
  • supplier evaluation (including compliance for the “Know Your Supplier” standards)
  • order validation, and
  • site closures

The choice of Bonita Cloud

There were economic and technological reasons that led the real estate company to opt for Bonita Cloud:

  • to ease process deployment administration and production management
  • to benefit from the same functionality and extensibility offered by the on premise version

The Bonita projet

A small project team composed of an integrating partner (RS2I) and business collaborators has been assembled. Once trained, these employees will become ambassadors and will be responsible for promoting the solution within the group.

"This project is strategic for Icade because it will create the foundation of common tools necessary for the development of our different activities. The open source Bonita platform's extensibility and collaboration tools won us over as an ideal solution for integration within our IS, favoring the acceleration of automation and the adoption of procedures in a fully secure environment."
 - Marie Guillard

Future projects

"Following this first deployment, our objective is to rapidly extend the solution to new business areas, in particular to our property development and to HR management. Our credo: work in stages and prioritize projects according to the value brought by automation, to eventually integrate all of our processes via Bonita and make them a solid foundation within our information system."
 - Marie Guillard

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