Leon Grosse

Bonita as a digital transformation platform for managing complex processes


Leon Grosse

With nearly 2,500 employees generating 800 million euros of revenue, the Léon Grosse group has been a major player in construction in France for more than 135 years.

Since 2015, the company has been committed to an Ambition 2020 strategic plan, which aims to adapt its organization and processes to current and future business challenges in the sector, placing innovation and the digital transition at the heart of its business transformation project.

Leon Grosse Objectives

As part of its strategic plan "Ambition 2020", which places innovation at the heart of an ambitious digital transformation, Léon Grosse has selected the Bonita platform for the management of its most complex processes.

In a rapidly changing industry, process management:

  • simplifies employees' daily work increases reliability of information flow
  • offers speed and quality, along with business process monitoring
  • facilitates development of specific applications
  • promotes good capture of the various users groups engaged with each process

The choice for Bonita

A flexible and modern solution adapted to business logic

  • After an RFP, Leon Grosse chose Bonitasoft for its approach - considered flexible and modern - and for the capacity of Bonitasoft's teams to understand their culture, operation and sets of business logic.

  • Bonitasoft as a French vendor met an important criteria in the final choice, while a thorough technical study validated the strength and adaptability of the product.


Digital transformation for a better user experience

Operational excellence by empowering all stakeholders

  • The main goal of this project is to enhance the value of users' work while providing the right tools to reduce production cycles, and gain mobility, agility, and operational excellence.

  • Bonita will put users at the center of the development of ergonomic applications adapted to this sector's challenges (wide variety of profiles and heterogeneous environments). The first development will focus on the complex assembly process of cranes that involves many steps and involves internal and external actors and very diverse profiles.

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Leon Grosse project in the Press

"In a project like this one, the 'stickiness' and therefore the use of the applications is critical. That's exactly what we're focusing on at Bonitasoft: fostering innovation by offering our customers the opportunity to implement a continuous improvement approach through powerful applications and user interfaces, in order to adapt to the evolving needs of their audiences, internal as well as external."

Charles Souillard, COO Bonitasoft



"Our sector is subject to strong competition, which is reflected in constant and rapid changes. Innovation has become crucial to improve our efficiency, to continue to differentiate, and to gain new market share."

Benoit Chevallier, CIO Leon Grosse