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Fault management with Bonita: 40% of cases are now resolved digitally.



The Vodafone Group is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world and provides voice, messaging, data and fixed communications services. Vodafone offers mobile services in 25 countries and has agreements in 44 other countries. In addition, it also provides fixed broadband services in 18 countries.

The company has more than 531 million mobile telephony customers in the world and 20 million fixed broadband customers. In Spain, Vodafone has close to 14 million mobile telephony customers and 3.2 million fixed broadband.

Situation before Bonita

Vodafone had a conventional telephone fault management system, which was operated by agents who could solve issues only during customer service hours. This generated delays and discomfort since there was no 24/7 service that could solve customer demands in real time. 

Objective of the project

The company decided to undertake an ambitious digitalization project in which the client could self-manage issues and find greater satisfaction through digital channels.


Vodafone was facing a paradigm shift: a drastic change from manual processes to automation to facilitate the management of its business processes. This project had to be developed around two needs: proximity to the customer and homogeneity in the handling of incidents.



Bonita implementation

Bonita automated and facilitated the fault management system.

When the client detects an incident affecting services, they can resolve it through the private area of the Mi Vodafone application, which is connected to Bonita to orchestrate the tasks. Through diagnostic flows, the problem is identified, a series of guidelines are provided, corrections are made through remote connections, and the issue is resolved.

Bonita uses graphic diagrams so the team of developers can design and build the application. Thanks to the platform, the construction of these diagnostic flows was made very agile. The processes remain quite active, as they must be in continuous improvement due to the ongoing change of products and nature of incidents.


There are two important results obtained with Bonita: self-management and customer satisfaction. In 40% of the cases, the clients resolved their technical issues digitally. In a three-month period in which almost 200.000 breakdowns were reported, the Bonita application helped resolve close to 74.000 of them immediately. The fact that the client can resolve issues any time and from anywhere means that the solution time has decreased considerably, improving the user experience.


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César Valencia, Commercial Analyst of Vodafone, client of Bonitasoft, explains how his company has been able to solve the failures presented in its services thanks to the implementation of Bonita. The company was able to automate the process allowing customers to manage the incidents detected by themselves.

“We chose the Bonita platform because it gives us agility, ease and efficiency in our processes. The tool allows our developers to implement flows in an agile way, which can be easily changed, if necessary. In addition, we have involved an official Bonita partner because we have verified that the experience in the management of the platform has given us more positive results."

César Valencia, Business Analyst, Vodafone


Atos - Integration partner

Atos Atos is a global leader in digital transformation, with operations in 73 countries, which has extensive experience in Big Data, Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing and Digital Workplace. Atos was the company in charge of carrying out the digital transformation in Vodafone.

"Automation makes it easier to work and improve results. Obviously, manual tasks will not disappear, but everything that can be automated and guided will always help any type of organization to reduce errors and risks." Aurelio Pérez, Business Consultant at Atos.

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