Premiere Digital Services

High demand, high availability: Bonita supports worldwide access to film, TV, and other content

Premiere Digital Services

Premiere Digital Services

Premiere Digital (PDS) is a trusted cloud-based global media services, and software solutions partner for content owners, video distributors, digital retailers and broadcasters. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in the UK and Bangalore, Premiere Digital provides the entertainment industry and international brands with the tools they need to process, package and deliver digital content anywhere in the world. Major clients and partners include Hollywood Studios, major OTT providers and networks.


Premiere Digital Services needed a platform to serve two key objectives:

  • get content into Premiere Digital Exchange (PDX) from content creators
  • get content out of Premiere Digital Exchange (PDX) for content distributors


The Bonita engine needed to interface with PDX:

  • where all the meta data for the file (cast, crew, release dates, etc) is stored

  • with services in 40-45 different languages:  audio, subtitles, meta data, etc

  • to be able to read and catalogue uploaded materials

  • to identify where content came from, what kind of asset is it, what language it is in, and so on


The new system must be able to receive files from creators and organize and manage content as it comes in.

Must be able to order the new system to deliver specific content to a specific retailer by a specific date:

  • For a particular piece of content (eg a  movie): what files do I have

  • When a customer places an order, confirm that all the files needed are in the system (content, meta data, etc)

  • Need to build work orders for retailers with this information

Benefits realized

  • Premiere Digital Exchange applications are based on microservices, which can be easily scaled without impact to the rest of the system. Bonita orchestrates these microservices.
  • The automation in the system allows execution of workflows.
  • Automation does checks, and the workflow calls in humans when needed.
  • Because the system is used by customers, not just internally, APIs are exposed so third parties can also integrate their own UIs if they want to.


  • Bonita handles 3 million files, 25 terabytes of files every day
  • Runs between 1500 and 2000 cases per day
  • Can make about 15,000 unique deliveries of a feature or an episode each month
  • With Version 2.0 (after four years of use), one of Premiere Digital Service’s customers launched about 50 shows in 45 languages in 107 territories recently – over 6000 media assets were delivered

Bonita provides the high demand, high availability backbone for worldwide access to content


"Humans have to be integrated into the automated workflow because there are some things that humans have to do, like train the automated systems, review and check the results. Bonita allows a complex workflow that integrates complex automation and humans. We really need the humans in there, and  that was a part of why we chose Bonita."

Geoff Bloder, CTO, Premiere Digital Services

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 “For the last 12 months we worked on preparing the system so it would be ready for the worldwide launch of one of our customers. They launched about 50 shows in 45 languages in 107 territories, and over 6,000 media assets were delivered. Now that we have this system in place, we are ready for the million-level content deliveries.”

Geoff Bloder, CTO, Premiere Digital Services