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Connecting ERP, CRM and users through Bonita for a better customer experience.


Thomson Video Networks

Thomson Video Network a global leader in advanced video compression solutions is part of the Harmonic Group. Harmonic is the worldwide leader in video delivery infrastructure for emerging television and video services. Harmonic enables customers to produce, deliver and monetize amazing video experiences, with unequalled business agility and operational efficiency, by providing market-leading innovation, high-quality service and compelling total cost of ownership.

Thomson Video Network focus on customer service.

Thomson Video Networks provides video compression, transcoding and processing solutions for media companies, video service providers, and TV broadcasters. They have implemented Bonita to deliver better service to both internal and external customers by simplifying and automating time-consuming hidden administrative tasks for support teams across the organization.

TVN project scope.

TVN needed more links between systems to better serve internal and external customers.

Enable communication between the Customer Services team which is using CRM Salesforce cases, and the R&D team which his using ClearQuest as a bug management tool.

Automate the HR process for employees who are changing positions or placement within the company (change of manager, location, cost center, position in the HR org in the ERP, IT tools, etc.)

Make customer visits smoother by triggering alerts when appropriate to each function involved : sales representative, marketing, demonstration preparation, communication, logistics and so on. Connect this with the Salesforce CRM to document customer contacts during visits.

Benefits of the project.

A better service to internal and external customer delivered from the IT team.


  • Implemented an efficient strategy of priority bug fixing that meets customer requirements (on the order of tens of customer services cases and tens of software bugs per week)
  • Simplification of time-consuming hidden administrative tasks for support teams: HR, Finance, IT
  • Mixed interactions among several IT applications, along with human interaction through automatic email receipt and response
  • Using several formats for communicating with IT applications: web services, email, files
  • Fields where values are entered by humans can drive the next actions of the business process

Bonita: the glue of TVN Information System to make interact ERP, CRM and human users


"Bonita is well suited to mixing IT applications and human interactions in numerous dynamic combinations."

Richard Gay - IT

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"The organisation now has a real dialogue between customer services managing their customer cases and R&D managing software bugs."

Richard Gay - IT