Páginas Amarillas  

Digital transformation of advertising production with Bonita.

Paginas amarillas

Páginas Amarillas

PA DIGITAL is the link between companies and their customers. They are specialists in marketing solutions for companies. Their goal is to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of their customers and users, taking advantage of new technologies to develop products and services of the highest quality. They are experts in defining and improving their presence on the Internet, creating their website, their social profiles, as well as in generating quality traffic.

Bonita implementation

Páginas amarillas built a business project to transform advertising production. Since many applications were involved in the process, they decided to define an SOA architecture for the entire solution.

In this architecture, Bonita is the orchestrator of all systems, thanks to its ease of use, the diversity of connectors offered and the functionalities provided both for process definition and by the engine.


Implementing a BPM platform in an enterprise where one does not already exist can be complicated because of the wide disparity of existing business processes. These are rarely documented and the work becomes complicated for everyone when it comes to coordinating and optimizing processes.

Bonita, as a digital transformation platform, has enabled process modeling and standardization at the enterprise level, which in turn drives automation and greater efficiency.


  • Employees can start working with the tool even with only basic technical knowledge because it is a fairly intuitive platform.
  • The implementation of the business processes was carried out quickly and without the need for specialized, dedicated BPM or technology staff.
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“For digital transformation, good business process management can become a fundamental pillar of any business. Bonita can therefore be an excellent tool to prevent these companies from drowning in their own processes and to encounter problems due to a lack of agility and optimization when it is started."

Javier Tur, BPM manager, Bull


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Bull - Consulting partner

Bull is a company dedicated to information technologies in Spain. Bull has been working with Bonitasoft for several years and was our first partner in Spain. We have jointly developeda number of different projects over the years.


“It's interesting to know about Bonitasoft's innovations every year, because they allow us to stay with the product and its evolution as part of the relationship between customers, integration partners and the vendor."

Javier Tur, BPM manager,  Bull