Trentino Network

Trentino improves service and infrastructure monitoring with Bonita


Trentino Network

Trentino Network is the public company that manages the telecommunications and radio communications networks present in the provincial territory and provides services to the public administrations of Trentino and operators in the telecommunications world.

Trentino's needs

Trentino Network, a service provider to telecom resellers in the Italian province of Trento, worked with Pensare IT on its IT infrastructure for wireless, fiber optics, ADSL, landline telephone and video surveillance services, videoconferencing, etc. They were very interested in adopting a BPM solution for quality improvement. They worked with Pensare IT on this project.

Choosing Bonita

Trentino Network and Pensare I.T. have undertaken an assessment to determine which tool was best suited to their needs. The six starting BPMS were reduced to three, including Bonita. The last two were evaluated using a simulation scenario based on their objective.

Although technically equivalent, the Bonita solution proved to be the least expensive option on a 3-year project simulation.

The project

Phase 1 of the Trentino Network Process Improvement Project was designed to improve service delivery monitoring. Phase 2 increased the scope of the process (eg, including service assurance, change management, etc.) and improved automation by providing the BPM interface with operational support systems (OSS)  and enterprise functional support (BSS).

Trentino Network and Pensare I.T. defined IRCs and collected data to establish the baseline for the duration of processes and subprocesses and the control of activity delays.

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Pensare IT - Consulting partner.

Pensare IT deals with information technology since 2010. Over the years, they have gradually focused on high value-added consulting. Pensare IT provides services throughout Italy.

"The goal of Trentino Network was clear: to better monitor and measure the quality of their service and infrastructure delivery, and automate where possible to improve this delivery." Fabio Macuglia - President of Pensare I.T.




"BPM is now available not only for big players but also for medium-sized players, and for medium-sized companies like Trentino Network, the key to success is the use of BPM methodology and software combined with deep domain knowledge. The technical implementation is a part of it, but this implementation also requires essential knowledge of the telecommunications industry."

Fabio Macuglia, President of Pensare I.T.