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About the company

A North American company has used Bonita to create a SaaS application that solves the challenge of retaining a company’s training investment. The company helps sales managers train and update their sales staff through the use of customized online tools.


While many businesses have benefitted from a rapidly increasing number of technological innovations, the actual process of sales training hasn’t changed appreciably in more than 50 years: the company brings its salespeople into classrooms, teaches them about its products, trains them in sales theory, and then puts them into the field.

One company has moved to change this formula by integrating on‐demand tools into the sales education process. This company partnered with a global sales training provider to create an interactive and goal‐based training solution for sales staff and managers.

The company wanted to transform the training methodologies already used into a dynamic format. The company therefore needed a workflow solution that would integrate training videos and other sales seminar materials into an interactive training solution that is goal‐oriented and measurable. The resulting solution enables its sales managers to create custom “Sales Scenarios” for any product or service that their organization offers.

As the sales staff complete the scenarios, their answers to the scenario questions are recorded with a webcam. They experience Sales Scenarios as if they were real selling situations with actual customers. Management can review the video responses, quickly pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson, and act accordingly. For example, certain responses trigger an interactive skills training session; others trigger delivery of an informational video or a set of skills suggestions.


The choice of Bonita

This company needed a technology solution to first model the processes behind each of its Sales Scenarios, and subsequently put them into practice. The company researched business process management solutions based on employees’ knowledge of products’ capabilities and conducted a trial run with six finalists.  

The company chose Bonita based on several factors: the strength of its modeling tools, employees’ comfort level with the product’s workflow capabilities, and the ability to build applications quickly.

Bonita also provides the ability to prototype, build and test rapidly – a feature which was very important for the company.


The company was able to build their custom solution after only a few months of development, and with just one developer. The company downloaded the Bonitasoft suite in December 2012, began working on its first application just after the holidays and completed it in less than eight weeks.

A few weeks after that, it completed the applications that drive the functionality of its business.  The first application is used by the salesperson. It contains all the details of 17 wizards tied to 30 different videos in the sales training process.

For example, if a salesperson involved in a session is presented a situation where he has to “cold call” a prospect, the Bonita application goes through eight steps. It presents a prospecting script, delivers a targeted 3‐minute video, asks questions based on the video and shifts the student to the next step when he “masters” the
prospecting portion.

The second application is geared to the sales manager that needs to manage staff. The manager can check the progress of salespeople and customize follow‐up training, and can also conduct reviews of sales prospects in different salespeople’s pipelines.

The third application is used by the company’s own staff, setting up prompts and processes for getting customers set up on the system. It gives the staff the ability to customize programs for clients based on their needs.

This company also leverages the connectors in Bonita, and ihas connected to a number of its back‐end systems including Sugar CRM and
There are also plans to integrate Bonita’s reporting and KPI tracking module. Thousands of users are using this SaaS solution.


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