Tempo Assist

99.997% up time to serve customers 24/7
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Tempo Assist

Tempo Assist

Tempo Assist is the largest specialized assistance company in the Brazilian market and the only independent company. They operate in the residential, automobile and personal segments, ensuring wellness and tranquility to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They provide the best customer service experience for largest insurers, automakers, financial institutions, and others. Their strategic partnerships allow them to fully serve throughout South America. A large part of their investments are focused developing solutions to guarantee excellent services. Customers can monitor the entire service process, through modern and sophisticated technological tools.


Tempo Assist needed to:

  • automate manual applications
  • stop receiving and managing requests by email
  • improve ticket visibility and monitor status
  • integrate partners into the application
  • standardize creation of process applications
  • maintain 99.997% availability

Before the Bonita implementation, these mostly manual processes were primarily dependent on email, which clogged inboxes and made it very difficult to track issues.


  • Requests are now received via tickets with the Bonita application.
  • Some Tempo Assist partners are integrated into the application.
  • It is very easy to create new applications; the Bonita engine offers the capability to connect to many things with APIs and web services.
  • It’s now much easier to monitor tickets - much easier than email!
  • Tempo Assist plans to further explore the tools and resources in Bonita.


After the success of their first application, the team has rolled out 40 different applications on Bonita, and are now able to fully monitor the progress of tickets and other types of requests.

Tempo Assist has a very high target for application availability, and the stability of the Bonita platform allows them to meet their target of 99.997% up time.

The technology team at Tempo Assist developed a Bonita application connecting a ticketing system with their existing IS using APIs and web services 


"Using Bonita, we were able to develop powerful applications fast and now we are able to create processes in a standard way. The flexibility of the tool allows us to monitor our processes successfully and the system is stable and reliable. "

Elenice Lemos dos Santos - Development coordinator, Tempo Assist

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