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Improving customer service by optimizing complaints processing 

Alliance Healthcare
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"The choice of a 'virtualized platform' approach is a major focus of our digitalization strategy."

José Duarte, CIO Alliance Healthcare

Project objective

Improve the quality of customer service

The project was launched to improve the processing of complaints through the specialists of Alliance Healthcare agencies, and to help the Customer Service Advisors assigned to the priority processing of calls, to augment performance and customer service quality.

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“In the past, our operators were attached to their own agency and operated from their own respective sites. In addition, we did not have a specific tool to process incoming complaints, which were handled individually and manually."

Lionel Floch, Director of Telephony and Operational Marketing at Alliance Healthcare

The choice for Bonita


Led by Bonitasoft integration partner Prosodie and their guidance, the project was launched with the implementation of a dedicated Bonita platform, with the objective of creating a virtual telephone platform at a national level, along with the existing, in-house interactive voice server Odigo.

All the actors involved in the various stages of the logistics chain (inventory management, delivery, call reception, etc.) were integrated into the solution. Each operator now uses the solution to process incoming complaints requests 'in line', regardless of where they are or which agency they are working from.


"Now connected with our Master Data (customer and product file), the Bonita platform has an extremely functional, easy to configure and efficient workflow engine.

Being open source, it also opens new opportunities for us, with the possibility of being extended in the future to other types of processes and workflows in addition to handling complaints."

José Duarte, CIO at Alliance Healthcare





Bonita Cloud


Alliance Heathcare chose Bonita Cloud in 2020 for practical reasons (as Prosodie ended its cloud hosting service), and for economic ones.

Freedom from production administration, automatic benefit from new versions, good support, and being invoiced by runtime instead of by the number of users (licenses), were all determining factors in the choice of Bonita.



Bonita was deployed at the end of 2016 at two agencies (in Agen and Chartres), and then extended to all agencies during the first half of 2017.

"At the same time, we set up local organizations within each agency and analyzed the main types of complaints in agile mode,  to rewrite all the processes and decision trees related to their treatment."

With more than 1,000 deliveries per day nationwide, punctuated by two preparation intervals (noon and evening), the dispatcher is a now a real partner for the pharmacist on a daily basis.

“With the implementation of this tool and this new organization for handling complaints, our teams are managing almost all incoming calls. Complaints are handled and followed up more efficiently. "

Lionel Floch, Director of Telephony and Operational Marketing at Alliance Healthcare

Ultimately, Alliance Healthcare plans to create a portal directly linked to Bonita, which would allow their customers to connect and file their complaints themselves. In addition, they are already studying the possibility of extracting data from the tool, so they can develop their new customer service on a case-by-case basis.



Benefits to the CIO

  • A project initiated by users and ultimately supported by IT as part of its overall strategy to digitize operations.
  • An optimized investment for a high performance, scalable solution that brings new opportunities.
  • A platform managed by Bonitasoft that responds to Alliance Healthcare's "Cloud First" strategy
  • Quality platform support

Benefits to the users

  • A dedicated tool and an efficient shared solution
  • Better team productivity
  • Optimized customer treatment and satisfaction rate

Alliance Healthcare

With a complete and personalized range of services and products exclusive to pharmacies, pharmaceutical laboratories and patients, Alliance Healthcare is one of the leaders in the distribution of health products and services in France. Its in-depth knowledge and expertise of dispensary pharmacists allow it to offer "tailor-made" solutions, in line with the needs of pharmaceutical laboratories (commercialization, logistics management, and delivery to pharmacies). No less than 49 distribution agencies and 1,000 delivery vehicles supply nearly 10,500 pharmacies every day (ie more than 31,565 items available in under 24 hours). Alliance Healthcare is part of the Pharmaceutical Distribution Division of the Walgreens Boots Alliance, which allows it to benefit from the power of the world's leading pharmacy-oriented health and wellness company.

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