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Assuring certification and data security for a user base of more than 20,000 employees, researchers, staff and others

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McGill University Health Centre

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is a bilingual academic health network, and one of the largest and most modern in North America.

Their team is made up of 12,000 hospital staff; 1,356 physicians, dentists, pharmacists and fellows; 720 medical students; 1,700 researchers, research students, postdoc and fellows; 1,243 residents; and 1,500 volunteers.

Their mandate is to provide tertiary and quaternary care to the population of Montreal and Quebec. In other words, care that requires hospitalization, complex surgery, emergency care or specialized treatment.

About MUHC's Bonita implementation

MUHC has developed and deployed a series of information security processes to manage information security and identity management for more than 20,000 people in their collaborative ecosystem.

MUHC's objectives

  • Assure that all users comply with information security requirements
  • Assure audit management
  • Collect and maintain critical KPIs via dashboards
  • Needed a flexible, agile solution 

Challenges faced

  • Need to support 20,000 users with a very small team
  • Stakeholders are accessing and using cloud-based applications and technologies, AI, big data, and more
  • there were a lot of complex interfaces and processes to integrate: for example, with public institutions, government ministries, IT's acquisition system, complex RFP processes


  • A proof-of-concept process that would normally take about 3 months was fully developed in just 4 weeks
  • The first complete process took about 6 months from concept to deployment
  • Modification to deployed processes is relatively easy for the small team to do
  • Processes are fully integrated with a large number of third-party systems in the security environment
  • Both cost and time savings
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Listen to Gildas Gnidehou, Chief Information Security Officer at McGill University Health Centre,explain how his team is using the Bonita platform for certification management and data security processes.


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"Process automation with Bonita was the solution to cope with the complexity of our organisation and deliver with constraint resources."

Gildas Gnidehou,  CISO, McGill University Health Centre