Learning Health

Core BPM processes in accordance with nationally accepted medical best practices and clinical care reference models, customizable to local institutional needs.

Learning Health

Learning Health

What if the governement, entrepreneurs, healthcare systems and data science innovators came together to rewrite how we practice medicine?

What if healthcare could have personalized solutions that respect the individual. What if only prescribed treatments were the one that mattered?

We would have less healthcare and better health.

Learning Health challenges

 Widely recognized and used standard protocol (beginning with INTERACT and TOKEN) are currently being followed (operationalized) in many different ways, including using paper checklists and inflexible applications developed with platforms such as medical records systems.

The variability in the implementations perpetuates inconsistent and costly patient outcomes.

Learning Health is specifically addressing the challenge faced by skilled nursing facilities with elderly patients.

Benefits realized

  • Learning Health is creating core BPM processes in accordance with accepted clinical protocol and medical best practices

  • These core processes can be customized to local instutitional needs, leading to wide adoption

  • Process is merged with data needed by medical professional at each step

  • The faster the right person is notified with the right level of information, the better the patient's care and experience can be.

Bonita to improve processes for better patient care.


"With Bonita, we are able to structure a data model that is interoperable, following FHIR standards, a federal standard that is accepted by the national community. We are not creating a closed, unique system. We are applying informatics expertise to pull in distributed data from many sources. Bonita is elegantly designed to be able to use that data in a business process, to help health care professionals make good decisions."

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"Even with no prior experience with Bonita, with some training I was able to develop an executable first proof-ofconcept process. When we showed the initial prototype to our partner, he was impressed with how quickly we were able to put it together."

Matt Madison, Director, Product Solutions at Learning Health