Assuring patient notification and followup for effective cancer screenings

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The Ministry of Health of Castilla-La Mancha has highly qualified professionals and an extensive care network composed of 18 hospitals, 11 specialty centers, diagnosis and treatment, 204 health centers and 1,115 local offices where activities related to health care, research, healing and rehabilitation, as well as disease prevention and health promotion.

About SESCAM’s Bonita implementation

SESCAM developed a successful project with Bonita for the early detection of colon cancer. They needed to create a flexible system, with powerful connectivity, based on processes.

Colon cancer screening has multiple steps, which are managed in different information systems (Turriano, MXX, Laboratory, Pathological Anatomy) which all needed to be connected to/coordinated with the application. Bonita manages each milestone in the process, following each patient’s status and activating alarms when deadlines are missed.

SESCAM's objectives

SESCAM needed a transverse process to integrate Primary Care and Specialized Care tools.

For patient care:

  • Detect the disease in early, asymptomatic phase
  • Apply a much less aggressive treatment
  • Increase survival rates


For the IT team:

  • Avoid specific systems and hard integrations
  • Benefit from process intelligence


Challenges faced

  • Many agents involved in the end-to-end process
  • Integration of multiple applications
  • Many different instances per hospital
  • Need to adjust the process based on the results
  • Need for an Information System to obtain clinical and
    epidemiological information


  • The procedure is now unified throughout SESCAM
  • The tools already used by professionals have been kept; the user does not need to access new tools
  • All information is recorded in the patient's history
  • There is a tool for to access clinical and epidemiological data
  • The status of each patient is given and alarms can be set in those cases where the steps do not end within the specified time
  • From the application, users can access:
    • Patient status
    • Indicators
    • Listings
  • The scorecard is accessible by users according to permission
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Listen to Julia Lucendo Fernández IT (ATI) Manager of La Mancha Central General Hospital explaining how she has developed the process of screening for colon cancer using the Bonita platform.

The video is in Spanish but you can activate the subtitles to get the English translation.


Direct benefits for patients thanks to this advanced process


"The advantage that Bonita brings to our projects is to orchestrate the entire phase of colon cancer screening without the need to change applications." Julia Lucendo Fernández IT (ATI) Manager, La Mancha Central General Hospital

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"The Bonita platform is fundamental to digital transformation, where it is essential to optimize internal processes and processes related to customers. In order to streamline this, a solution like Bonita gives the flexibility to generate new procedures, improve existing ones , and do this quickly and efficiently." Avelino Lorenzo, Digital Health Projects, Telefónica

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Avelino Gonzalez, from Telefónica, comments on the success of the Bonita implementation for him, as a partner, and for the final client, the SESCAM.

The video is in Spanish but you can activate the subtitles to get the English translation.


"With the Bonita process,14669 individuals were invited to participate in a colon cancer screening program. 4680 agreed to participate in the screening and 4583 lab results were returned. 51 colonoscopies were subsequently performed and returned significant findings."

Julia Lucendo Fernández IT (ATI) Manager, La Mancha Central General Hospital