Automation of processing and monitoring of claims with Bonita

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4 600 employees

«The support provided by Bonitasoft throughout the process;,from the first contact with the client until the entire project is implemented, is something that not all manufacturers offer.»

Juan Carlos Gómez, Business Consultant at SoftTD@

Project Objective

Process automation

AUTOonline handled a large number of files that were managed directly from email. Case assignment was disorganized and the process was done manually, which resulted in duplication, lack of traceability and exhausting working hours for the operators, who were not able to easily manage the entire workload. In addition, each file had to be handled by a single person, which meant a longer response time to the client.


AUTOonline challenges were:

  • Manage the volume of emails that operators received (> 400 daily)
  • Customers might receive the same mail several times, which caused dissatisfaction
  • Single repository of information in the file
  • Follow up of the files, know what has been done and what is pending
  • Communication and management of several intervening parties (seller, buyer, insurer, etc.)
  • Unique application for Spain and Portugal

Bonita implementation

Iterative implementation to transform and gradually optimize the process:

  • 1st iteration similar to the initial process
  • 2nd iteration with improvements in the process and simplification of the user interface
  • Complementary iterations to improve the user interface and perform different processes depending on the country and its regulations, or for other departments within the company.

Orientation to "cases" of the platform and adaptation of Bonita processes to give agility to the follow-up of the files in the client's platform, AUTOonline.



Benefits realized

To address these challenges, SoftTD@, a Bonitasoft partner, managed the digital transformation of the process of transfer of damaged vehicles to interested buyers on the AUTOonline platform through a top solution in Bonita. It allowed them to manage incoming mail, centralize the information, generate alerts to execute certain actions and detail those actions for each case.

Other benefits of the implementation:

  • Improvement of the follow-up of the file thanks to the grouping of all the information: emails, payment data, information of participants
  • Each file can be managed by N employees, which allows more agility and speed in the response to the client
  • Reduced learning time with new additions
  • Improved customer service
  • Visibility of bottlenecks in the management of claims and rapid reaction to the situation
  • Unique management in Spain and Portugal
  • Reduction of people, who are engaged in other tasks of value


AUTOonline is the leader in sales and servicing of used vehicles, and everything related to accidents. This company, with a presence in more than 80 countries and more than 4,600 employees, has the largest value platform in Europe, which works continuously with sellers, buyers, experts, insurance companies, fleet operators, garages and demolition companies.

Everyone benefits from a wide range of accident and second hand vehicles, from the simplicity of online publication to a transaction at attractive / fair prices. AUTOonline knows the whole process with insurers, experts, workshops and distributors. It has nearly 4,500 vehicle advisors on its website and evaluates more than 1 million vehicles per year. In addition, about 5,500 vehicles are exchanged each year and more than 7,100 buyers submit an offer every 3 seconds.



SofTD@ - Integration partner



Juan Carlos Gómez, Business Consultant at SoftTD@, says that the success of the implementation with AUTOonline was

«The ability of the platform to adapt to the problems that the client had. Bonita brings a suite of tools that facilitate the development of applications in a simple way and allows quick automation of the projects and applications that our customers want. It gives us the ability to accelerate the implementation of the solution.»

AUTOonline and SoftTD@ will continue working hand in hand with Bonita to continue optimizing their processes and also to offer quality of service to their customers. The solution will be extended to other areas of business processes and mobility.

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