SEGEF improves internal communication by structuring its business flows with Bonita



SEGEF is a distribution group located in France. This 350-employee company comprises the Intersport and Midica brands, and generates more than 50 million euros in sales yearly.

SEGEF has 6 Intersport sporting goods stores in Toulouse, Tarn and Lot and its first Midica housewares store in Toulouse.

In addition to its 7 stores, SEGEF has a head office near Toulouse where its support functions such as HR, marketing, purchasing, accounting and IT are managed.


Several issues related to the lack of structuring of certain flows have long been a problem within SEGEF.

First, the process of price updating on the shelves of the Midica store needed attention, because of a lack of communication between the sales department of the store located in the center of Toulouse and the administrative headquarters located outside the city. The implementation of a structured and automated flow was necessary to transmit information between the sales department responsible for referencing products to suppliers and to the administrative management responsible for integrating them into the ERP database. There are around 100,000 items per year to enter or update.

Also, managing the arrival of new personnel within the whole group was another area that the Human Resources department wanted to improve. They were being informed only after the arival of new employees, often resulting in poor integration of the new person, difficulties in processing their files, a delay in the ordering of materials, of assigning e-mail addresses and creating e-mail and intranet accounts, and so on.

Structuring and organizing flows for better management

The SEGEF distribution group (Intersport, Midica) has chosen to deploy the Bonita solution in its information system to optimize the update of product prices and to manage its staff more efficiently.

The HR issues first prompted SEGEF to implement a Bonita solution. Then, after the simplified development of applications and testing for IT purchase management, the first big project was implemented: updating product prices. Before Bonita was deployed, communication about pricing was done via e-mail and the data input was done manually in Excel files.

In order to optimize the procedure and avoid data entry errors, the operations were drawn and then modeled as processes in Bonita. Today, obtaining prices from suppliers via e-mail has been automated, as has the recovery of information in the ERP and the retrieval of items from the database. But best of all, all the steps necessary to complete a task are now centralized on the same interface, so the users no longer have to switch between ERP, e-mail and Excel.

In addition, dashboards allow managers to easily follow the progress of work and to propose improvements to the processes.

SEGEF's HR department wanted to optimize human resources management by implementing paperless employee files, to ensure effective follow-up throughout their contract with the company. The IT department implemented the Bonita solution to manage the entire process from the arrival of a new employee in the company. Now, the HR department and employees fill out online forms managed by Bonita that automatically update the ERP database. The IT department is immediately informed of the arrival of a new employee.

Streamlined processes and more reliable information

Today, communication between different teams and sites has become more fluid and data processing is faster.

The number of litigations has been reduced because the price information is integrated on time, thus respecting the supplier agreements. The processing chain has also been smoothed, as invoices are no longer blocked.

One of the most significant benefits also lies in the traceability of information, with all exchanges now stored in the company's databases. In the event of a dispute with a supplier, the teams have easy access to information, whether it be e-mail exchanges, pricing integration dates or processing information in either Bonita or the ERP.

In addition, thanks to the advanced dashboards, different actions can now be precisely measured, with increased visibility of progress. Employees quickly saw the time saved and the increase in quality of the work done. The company has thus acquired a real maturity of its process flow, with new automation, generating an overall improvement of its organization.

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