Air Tahiti Nui

Decentralized, clear waiver process with Bonita makes life easier for agents, accounting…and customers

Air Tahiti
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1000 employees
French Polynesia

« After one month we got feedback from the Revenue Accounting department, in charge of controlling the waivers. They said the application is great, the waiver amounts are now always correct, they had all the information they need for fares and allowances.»

Patrick Mu, IT Application Manager

Project Objective

Improve customer service

The first process identified for application development was the waiver process. Air Tahiti Nui agents can waive some fees for passengers having a reservation. Bonita was needed to develop a form to enter a courtesy waiver into the system, and request the appropriate approval, track actions, and generate reports.


The waiver process is very complicated so that was a tough one to start on.

The first process involved a lot of people in the company, some of them overseas, so it was difficult to get input from everyone. Many of them had particular needs or requirements.

Benefits realized

  • The project team will be able to present statistics to the VP, who has been anticipating a good reporting system.
  • The objective of the implementation has been met, which means that there is an approval process in place so it’s clear what has been submitted and what has been approved.
  • The process is now decentralized, meaning that every agent can create their own waiver. Supervisors now only approve waivers, where before they were solely responsible for putting all waivers into Excel (and were faced with missing information, spreadsheet entries that were not always complete, etc).

Bonita, a critical part of major changes for Air Tahiti Nui


« Before Bonita, the IT team built their own apps in PHP to manage forms with validation. Bonita was chosen to implement a BPM project for process-based applications, and the first process identified for application development was the waiver process. Air Tahiti Nui agents are now able to easily waive some fees for passengers having a reservation, and all actions and costs are trackable.»

Patrick Mu, IT Application Manager

Air Tahiti Nui

In 1996, Air Tahiti Nui was founded to connect the world to one of the world’s great treasures, the islands of Tahiti. Its fleet of four Boeing 787-9 provides service to Tahiti from Paris, Los Angeles, Auckland and Tokyo. With partnership and codeshare agreements, the company extended that route network to include 39 major cities around the world, including Sydney and New York.

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