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Invoicing for complex logistical support service streamlined and accelerated with Bonita

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Icon Offshore Berhad

Icon Offshore Berhad owns and operates a sophisticated fleet of Offshore Support Vessels in Southeast Asia. They provide logistical support services for offshore oil and gas life exploration and appraisal, field development, operation and maintenance, and decommissioning. These services include seismic survey, drilling operations support, towing, anchor handling and mooring of barges, construction support, repair and maintenance support, firefighting and emergency response, accommodation facilities for personnel and transportation of personnel, fuel, drilling fluids, cement, water and supplies to platforms.

Icon Offshore Berhad's objectives

Streamline and speed up the information-gathering and invoice production process and reduce errors introduced by manually keyed entries and transmission issues.

Track the status of an invoice in process more easily.

Use standardized forms everywhere.

Integrate the automated application with current financial IT systems.

Icon Offshore Berhad's challenges: automate complex orders and product management processes

  • Invoices involve many different sources of billing information (for example, for crew time and support, fuel and supplies for ship).
  • Information needs to be transmitted across multiple entities before a complete invoice can be produced.
  • Complex calculations need to be done correctly for each customer being invoiced.

Benefits realized

  • Fewer errors.
  • Intercompany transmission is more accurate.
  • Billing information is checked as part of the overall process, before it goes forward into final invoice and billing information is now input once.
  • Review and approval for information input and for invoicing is clear.
  • Approvals can now be done from anywhere as the process can be accessed remotely.
  • The process now use less paper, saving material costs. Using the system has standardized how everything is handled.
  • They Can track status of an invoice in real time, they can also go back and check how the invoice was handled without needing detailed explanations from individuals (and their spreadsheet systems).
  • What used to require 5 FTE now requires only 2 and what used to take an average of 5 days can now be completed in 3.

Bonita streamlined and accelerated invoicing for complex logistical support


"The move from Excel spreadsheets to an automated single process with standardized forms allows each billing entity to input information once, and approvals don’t have to be signed on the invoices, as they are now approved online."

Syazlan Osman, Head of IT Icon Offshore

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Formates - Consulting partner.

Formates is a techno-management company leveraging on leading edge IT products and services to alleviate spectrums of organisational workloads spanning from strategy, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation. 
It is dedicated and committed to increase the productivity and performance of organisations by integrating portfolios of managerial skills and competencies and blending them with the various management tools and methodologies to enhance organisational service delivery and its strategic achievement. 

Formates has brought their experience of Bonita implementations to Icon Offshore.

"End users were involved from the beginning, as they helped define the ‘as is’ process. Bonita made it easy to communicate about the process as it was developed iteratively. When everyone was shifted to the new application, its advantages were clear as they were already involved in development and acceptance testing.
 - Aziomar Omar, Director Formates


"Invoicing time improved tremendously. All the internal billing information is completed easily before the final invoice for the customer is issued."

Nasir Ismail, Finance Manager