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Bonita for aeronautical safety - Reduce administrative tasks and eliminate repetitive tasks with Bonita



Binter is a Spanish airline, begun as a regional airline operating within the Canary Islands. The company has been expanding its activity to national destinations such as Vigo and Palma de Mallorca, and international destinations such as the West African coast and Portugal, among others.

This airline offers the largest, youngest and most ecological fleet in the Canary Islands and is responsible for linking the seven islands with the airport of the Cape Verde archipelago: Sal, Santiago, San Vicente, Boavista, Fogo, San Nicolás and Maio. They also unite Porto Santo with Madeira. They transport 3.4 million passengers a year, an average of 10 planes every hour, 180 daily flights with 8 inter-island destinations, 2 national destinations and 13 international destinations.

Binter's challenges: quality management and operational safety

  • Heterogeneous and decoupled systems
  • Delays due to duplication of tasks
  • Lack of synchronization applications / users
  • Control of events and key dates not automated
  • Analysis and use of expensive data
  • Difficulty in process improvement

Bonita implementation

The implementation of the Bonita platform focused mainly on: 

  • Procedures required by Aeronautical Audits, managed by the Quality Department
  • Security management; from the operators to the maintenance companies of the aircraft. For example, when a risk is detected in an aircraft or in a flight, the investigation of the situation, the analysis of the hazards and the actions to handle the situation are carried out through the processes implemented in Bonita. Between 2016 and 2018, 725 investigations have been managed on this platform.

Project results

Binter has new ways of working thanks to the Bonita platform: 

  • Managing notifications for employees
  • Distribution of tasks and better distribution of work
  • Control of milestones and events
  • Data analysis and report generation
  • Management of documentation
  • BBDD danger management

Bonita reduced the average time of security management of aircraft and flights by 60%. The company was able to reduce repetitive tasks and the administrative task load for the users. It also managed to eliminate duplications and heterogeneous systems. The beneficiaries of these improvements can now use the resources and time in tasks that contribute much more value to the company.


Bonita: Multi-company, integrated, and responsive

Bonita allows Binter to offer multi-company applications with design and features adapted to each company in the group, which are reactive and integrated with other systems such as its danger database.

Next steps with Bonita in Binter

Currently, Binter is continuing its digital transformation with the Bonita platform, always focusing on operational safety and quality management. The company seeks to manage, through modules, monitoring  and report generation. In addition, it wants to implant an electronic signature and extend the use of Bonita to other companies of the Binter group.

About the Bonita inegration partner

Atlantis Technology, a software development company that is part of the Binter Group and is an integrating partner of Bonitasoft, carried out the implementation of the Bonita platform for the digital transformation of the Binter airline.

Alberto Pérez, Head of Development Projects at Atlantis Technology, says: "It is important that digital transformation continues over time. Bonita and the continuous improvement of its processes have helped us a lot. With the Binter client we have obtained very good results when it comes to modeling their processes, since Bonita provides us with an efficient solution and, above all, allows us flexible solutions that are in line with the evolution of the technological market ."

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"The collaboration and communication between the business and development is fundamental, since it helps to meet of the expectations and needs of clients. It also contributes to the presentation of more exact requirements to reduce implementation times."

Alberto Pérez, Head of Development Projects at Atlantis Technology