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“The Bonita platform improves user comfort, increases the productivity of our teams and responds to the compliance challenges we face."

Denis Bodin, Product Owner, Altima

Project goals

To ensure the full integration of Altima within the MAIF group in 2015, the company's information system (IS) had to be completely overhauled, with a strong emphasis on automation and orchestration.

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  • Prioritize and automate the company's manual business processes (claims management, customer satisfaction, reporting, etc.)
  • Automate regulatory matters (improve compliance sheet workflows, manage exemptions, etc.)
  • Improve productivity and responsiveness to customers.

The choice for Bonita


The Bonita platform was chosen for fast design and deployment, the availability of tools (connectors, etc.), its quality-price ratio and its support. MAIF is already satisfied with the Bonita platform and the collaboration with CGI, our consulting partner and integrator. These were also key factors in the selection of Bonita.

The Bonita project

A first study phase was done to categorize all the processes concerned. In particular, it involved identifying the which processes were top priority, which processes would be digitized as is, and which processes were to be transformed.

The first processes developed and deployed in production were those that could be fully automated, followed by processes involving users.

The first automated process was operational in 3 months, and the next ones are deployed at the rate of a new process every two months.

Altima learned quickly as the project progressed, particularly with regard to the complexity of the processes to be automated.

The IT team manages version upgrades and updates of the platform. The business teams are focused on the operational aspects of the processes for which they are responsible. Support of management and the involvement of the business teams were also decisive elements in the success of the project.



Benefit to the CIO


  • 10 automated processes were deployed in just a few months with only 1.5 full-time equivalents (FTE) in charge of development and integration and 1/2 FTE in charge of the analysis.

Benefits to users


  • Teams refocused on adding value
  • Better visibility and productivity
  • More collaboration within teams


Originally created to meet the needs of automobile manufacturers, Altima has become an innovative player in the insurance sector through its ability to adapt to market needs.

Its DNA can be summed up in a few words: innovation, agility, adaptation, co-construction.

A human-sized company with it's eyes on the future, Altima was created more than 20 years ago by several mutual insurance companies, including MAIF. Now 100% owned by MAIF, Altima is also its innovation subsidiary.

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