Banco Bica

Creating successful market differentiation with Bonita by focusing on the user experience.

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200 employees

«Today, the Bonita platform from Bonitasoft is fundamental to Banco Bica. What is currently happening is that you hear, around the office, 'What if we fix this with Bonita?»

Jorge Andrek, 2nd Vice President of Banco Bica

Project Objective

Differentiation through automation

Create differentiation by reinforcing the high quality of attention paid to the customer. Differentiate itself from banks that offer the same products or commodities.

Immediately automate processes, after identifying their weaknesses with respect to the financial crisis, to improve the range of banking services offered. For this, they decided to contract Bonitasoft services.

Banco Bica received support from both Bonitasoft and Eureka Inteligencia para Negocios during the entire implementation process, from assessment to consulting.

Banco Bica currently has more than twenty processes implemented using Bonita. Some are as simple as notifications for messages received. Others are much more complicated, where different levels of the company participate (agents, managers, directors). Each receives alerts on actions that need to be taken, the process status, and so on.

In terms of its plans for the future with the Bonita platform, there are already 4 or 5 processes pending integration, including insurance and exchange rate processes for international commerce. They are also finalizing migration of current processes to Bonita 7.5.


Benefit to the CIO

  • Processes are more agile, streamlined, and offer better visibility on status, due dates, etc., which results in better efficiency and monitoring.
  • For many of the applications, information generated by interactions is automatically updated in the bank's central systems.

Benefits to the users

  • Improved agility and simpler processes save time, as employees do not need to run around in search of authorization or a signature.

  • Many authorization processes can be completed with a cellphone.

  • Improvements in meeting deadlines and process security, a very important aspect for the company.

Bonita supports the processes of the financial services


«We know of other BPM products, but we had much better references on Bonita, so we made the decision, with absolute certainty, without evaluating other options. And I think we made the right decision.»

«Having resolved important processes with Bonita, our employees appreciate the solution and request it to help in different components of their work. We are continuing to search for solutions with the same supplier.»

«All the support we have had from Bonitasoft and Eureka, both for assessment and consulting, has been indispensable. And we want to emphasize that there was never any delay in the processes on their part.»

Jorge Andrek, 2nd Vice President of Banco Bica

Banco Bica

Banco Bica is a very young bank. It began current operations in October 2012. It had previously operated in the Argentinian banking system from 1978 to 1997, and sold its stock package before the financial crisis that hit Argentina. The previous board of directors and staff worked hard to return to the financial sector and restarted operations.

Currently, the bank has eight branches in the West Central region of Argentina and operates as a regional bank backed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina. It serves small-to-medium enterprises and individuals, offering a broad portfolio of banking services: loans, sight and term deposits, credit and debit cards, current accounts, insurance, international business, and currency exchanges. It also provides electronic and digital solutions such as home banking for individuals and companies, mobile banking, ATMs, and more.

Eureka- Consulting partner



At Banco Bica, they knew what they needed to improve and they looked for the right tools, but they did not have the necessary knowledge to implement the system. This led them to seek out a partner that did have this expertise.

That partner, Eureka Inteligencia para Negocios, advised them and managed the process of setting up the application quickly, with almost immediate visible results.

«Implementation was not easy at first, because employees were accustomed to doing all of the processes manually and did not understand what was intended to be accomplished. There was the usual resistance to change, but as the implementation progressed and employees understood how to operate the platform, everything became easier.»

«When a client solves a process problem using Bonita, and management and users see improved efficiency, that client will continue to find more processes where the BPM applications make life easier.»

Claudio Ruiz Díaz, Managing Director of Eureka Inteligencia para Negocios

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