Digital transformation using Bonita platform “insures” high-quality user experience at Alptis insurance

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792,000 insurance contracts

« The agile approach was chosen to deploy BPM. At Alptis, we found that this approach has already brought us a lot in terms of project management and business / IT communication. It allows us to enhance experimentation and offer project teams the opportunity to go through regular testing phases of the products being designed. Moreover, it allows us to adapt continuously, to the needs of our customers.»

Véronique Pachoud le Floch - CIO

Project Objective

Need for a real digital transformation project

Alptis needed to extend the existing information system (IS) to be able to respond to new challenges:

  • faster time-to-market accommodate multi-channel access (via phone, e-mail, chat, post, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter)
  • Transform existing critical processes into service-oriented applications

They wanted to ntegrate the insurance broker partners’ enrollments with Alptis’ own information systems.

And to provide end users – customers and broker partners -  with a consistent, smooth, and transparent experience, both for sales and after-sales service.


The project

Alptis developed 6 process-based applications on the Bonita application platform.

External Enrollments: Brokers can offer health insurance contracts and enrollments online, with no paper needed.

Business Activities: Appropriately distributes customer requests from any input channel (e-mail, telephone, post, web form and mobile) and handles them with real time tracking.

Individual Enrollments: Subscribes customers from end to end without paper. Customers can follow progress via a dedicated space.

Group Enrollments: Manages both company and employee enrollment.

Claims management: Follow-up of claims from the initial declaration through payment. Renewals are also tracked in the app.

Complaint management: registration and follow-up of customer complaints, with traceability to meet regulatory requirements.



Benefit to the CIO

  • Better security in processes.
  • User-friendly user interfaces which hide the complex interactions among the elements of the information systems.

  • Easier to deploy changes and new processes to respond to business innovations.

Benefits to the users

  • Improved performance at all levels of activity: deadlines, management of resources, compliance with regulations.

  • Greater fluidity and consistency in the exchange and sharing of information, to enrich customer knowledge, make work easier for employees and improve customer service.

Alptis developed multiple interconnected, internal and external process-based applications on the Bonita application platform.


«Our insurance businesses are constantly evolving and, in this rapidly changing environment, innovation-related issues are becoming crucial. Today, information is everywhere, inside and outside the company, and it is essential to manage this information, as well as the multiple operations carried out by the various service providers involved in one end to the other of the distribution chain. Our objective is to always offer the client smoother and more transparent access, faster and more relevant answers and solutions, to place the customer experience at the heart of our concerns and therefore our information system.»

Véronique Pachoud le Floch - CIO


Alptis offers individuals, independent workers and companies personal insurance solutions for: health (complementary health and hospitalization), disability/death (work stoppage, disability, death, funeral expenses, dependents and general expenses), loans, and savings retirement. With more than 792,000 insurance contracts managed for 467,000 people covered, the group issued 317 million euros in premiums in 2019.

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