• DevOps best practices and tools applied to process automation

    Enable rapid and iterative development of enterprise-grade applications with the Bonita tools and frameworks that facilitate continuous integration and continuous deployment.

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  • DevOps best practices and tools applied to process automation
  • Bonita Continuous Delivery (BCD) fully supports critical collaboration between Dev and Ops teams

  • Bonita Continuous Delivery is recognized for its ability to increase the speed of development of applications, reduce cost of development, automate deployment, and provide flexibility and scalability.

  • Continuous Delivery is the basis of modern software development, including: Fast, continuous delivery of both new and vintage software, process automation across the entire life cycle and evolution to cloud-native platforms and services. Component, not app, development.

    Digital Transformation Requires Development Transformation, Forrester Research Inc, Oct 9, 2018

  • Rapid and iterative development and deployment

  • of process automation projects and applications on-premise and in the cloud

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    Continuous integration pipeline with Bonita

  • Continuous integration for development teams

    • Agile development supports continuous delivery and continuous improvement - on-premise and in the cloud
    • Supports iterative experimentation without penalty
    • Continuous improvement made easy
    • The tools and frameworks you need to accelerate continuous integration
    • Automation server-agnostic (compatible with Jenkins, Azure, Bamboo and more)
  • Bonita platform and applications provisioning for operations

    • Deploy on-premise, or use PaaS on the cloud
    • Use for single or clustered deployment







  • Bonita Test Toolkit
  • Bonita Test Toolkit

    More and better testing for a stable version in production

    • Accelerate testing and deployment of complex, core, and critical automation projects

    • Test efficiently at each step, as well as end-to-end

    • Tooling provided to write and execute tests in any non-production environment

    • Execute from an IDE, a command line or a Continuous Integration

    • Integrated into Bonita Continuous Delivery to include testing in the delivery pipeline