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DevOps for Business Application Development

Enable rapid and iterative development of enterprise-grade applications with the Bonita tools and frameworks that facilitate continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Bonita Continuous Delivery (BCD) fully supports critical collaboration capability between Development and Operations teams

Bonita Continuous Delivery is recognized as a best platform as a service (PaaS) that increases the speed of development of applications, reduces cost of development, automates deployment, and provides flexibility and scalability.

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Continuous Delivery is the basis of modern software development, including : Fast, continuous delivery of both new and vintage software, process automation across the entire life cycle and evolution to cloud-native platforms and services. Component, not app, development. "

Digital Transformation Requires Development Transformation, Forrester Research Inc, Oct 9, 2018

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BCD in action: rapid and iterative development and deployment of Living Applications
on-premise and in the cloud


Operations diagraùContinuous integration of Living Applications
Development diagram Deployment and provisioning of Living
Applications in Amazon AWS

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Continuous integration for development teams

  • Agile development supports continuous delivery and intelligent continuous improvement - on-premise and in the cloud

  • Supports iterative experimentation without penalty

  • Continuous improvement made easy

  • The tools and frameworks you need to accelerate continuous integration and cloud deployment

  • Ready-to-use Jenkins jobs for continuous integration

  • Official Docker image to ease the setup of your continuous delivery environment

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Bonita platform and applications provisioning for operations

  • Provision and deploy the Bonita platform in under a minute

  • Deploy on-premise, or use PaaS on the cloud with AWS

  • Use for single or clustered deployment

  • Apply the same best-of-breed tools, from development through production, such as Ansible and Python

  • Available as a certified Docker image

  • Easy to leverage extensible scripts

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