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Highly tailored digital user experiences for customers and employees

With the low code Bonita digital transformation platform, multi-disciplinary development teams create digital user experiences that connect personalized user interfaces with reliable back office operations.

Unprecedented freedom to design user interfaces

Choose off-the-shelf, visual design, or completely custom-coded UI design - or use a mix of all three approaches. Bonita, the most widely used open source BPM software, includes a specialized UI Designer to create responsive user interfaces.
With Bonita’s UI Designer, create application user experiences composed of dynamic HTML5 or Javascript pages with forms, graphs, charts, data and more.

"The Bonita platform comes with connectors and default building blocks that can help quickly deliver working applications. Bonitasoft provides fully documented REST APIs to develop extensions to its platform services, plus all the modules are extensible and fully documented.”

Custom UI
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Great customer experiences are often unique digital experiences. If great customer experience (CX) were easily available to any firm “as-a-service,” it wouldn’t differentiate companies from one another. Development teams working hand in hand with CX professionals build, assemble, configure, and automate coherent, contextual, connected, uniquely valuable customer journeys."

Digital Transformation Requires Development Transformation, Forrester Research Inc, Oct 9, 2018

Bonita mobile

Going mobile?

The Bonita digital transformation platform makes it easy to develop apps for mobile devices too.
Take advantage of a unified environment based on HTML5 for multi-device experiences.
Low code, open Bonita offers responsive design and the ability to fully customize pages for mobile.
Preview your user interface designs in multiple devices.
Customize the look and feel of themes and layouts and design user interfaces that work on smartphones and tablets.

Fully manage the entire business process life cycle

Successful digital user experience strategies encompass business operations with automation and built-in process improvement capabilities. With Bonita's business process management software, manage the full life cycle of those operational processes. Bonita’s Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities allow you to design, connect, execute, monitor, optimize and automate business processes and ensure a high degree of control and visibility over your business logic.

The Bonita digital transformation platform provides a single environment & enabling technologies for development and deployment of business processes:

  • BPM notation (BPMN2) modeling tools

  • process execution engine

  • integration capabilities to connect applications with third party services

  • business data modeling tool

  • advanced monitoring and reporting solutions

See how Bonita’s business process management foundation brings the power of process and process improvement to your business applications.

Bonita living apps

Welcome to Living Applications

With Living Applications, you can change and improve the applications supporting your digital user experiences even while they are running.

The underlying architecture of Living Applications manages key interfaces between core functionality, user interface details, integration connectors, rules scripts and application parameters. If you make changes to any of these in a running application, it will continue to function without interruption.

The Bonita digital transformation platform also allows for rapid, agile and iterative development and deployment. It includes tools and frameworks for continuous integration, multiple environment configuration, unit testing and provisioning by leveraging “best of breed” solutions such Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible and Amazon AWS. Process improvement has never been easier.

Designed for extensibility, freedom and interoperability

Platform extensibility is part of Bonita’s open source DNA. Multiple extension points allow developers to design interactions with any external system, whether systems of record or systems of engagement: connectors, graphical widgets, REST APIs, authentication services, user filters and more.

With Bonita's low code digital platform, for every extension are always 3 interoperability choices:

  • Use out-of-the-box implementations included in Bonita

  • Browse and install an implementation available from the Bonitasoft community

  • Or, develop a new one

Leverage Bonita development toolkits to ease creation, test, and deployment of new extension points. See how the low code Bonita platform empowers the entire technical team.

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Bonita extensibility

devleopment infinity

Continuous integration for development teams

  • Agile development supports continuous delivery and intelligent continuous improvement - on-premise and in the cloud

  • Supports iterative experimentation without penalty

  • Continuous improvement made easy

  • Get the tools and frameworks you need to accelerate continuous integration and cloud deployment

  • Ready-to-use Jenkins jobs for continuous integration

  • Official Docker image to ease the setup of your continuous delivery environment

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Bonita platform and applications provisioning for operations

  • Provision and deploy the Bonita digital transformation platform in under a minute

  • Deploy on-premise, or use PaaS on the cloud with AWS

  • Use for single or clustered deployment

  • Apply the same best-of-breed tools, from development through production, such as Ansible and Python

  • Available as a certified Docker image

  • Easy-to-leverage extensible scripts


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Bonita secure sclalable and reliable

Highly reliable and scalable, on premise or in the cloud

Improved performance with shorter transactions, optimized database schema, sophisticated caching, multi-threading, thorough session management, support of distributed transactions and clustering.

Developers get the business process management software tools they need to deliver applications that perform well and provide business users a consistently top-notch experience.

The Bonita engine is a proven technology with a well-established track record with innovative companies around the world.

DevOps teams use Bonita to automate the application release process, improve developer productivity, find and address bugs quickly, and deliver updates faster. “Build once, deploy everywhere” means DevOps can provision and manage Bonita servers in-house or in the cloud.

Process mining - enterprise-ready AI, a BPM innovation

Unlike classic process mining techniques that focus on process discovery, our use of an innovative process mining extension allows learning on any business process model already automated in the BPM platform

  • Goal-oriented predictions

  • No need to know data in advance

  • Easy-to-interpret results

  • Can provide both prediction and recommendation for process improvement

  • Detect outliers, loops, latencies, and bottlenecks in a live process application

  • Analyzed at the level of processes, paths, and tasks

  • Takes actual and predicted durations and occurences into consideration

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process mining


Source: Process Mining, Data Science in Action, Wil van der Aalst, 2016

See how successful businesses improve digital user experiences with Bonita



Alptis has chosen an agile approach to deploy Bonita. It allows them to enhance experimentation and offer project teams the opportunity to go through regular testing phases of the products being designed. Moreover, it allows them to adapt continuously to the needs of their customers.

Coreso SA

Coreso has transformed data from multiple formats to a unified format, based on a meta-model. By creating one reference for all data used across 20 processes, it has both simplified data management and improved its accuracy

Dorel Juvenile Europe

To take product ceation from ideation to delivery, Dorel has integrated a long chain of decisons and validation - through R&D, production, finance, marketing, Q&A and logistics - leading to more efficient operations and a shorter time to market.

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