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Business Process Management overview (BPM)

Coordinate the way work gets done - automate business processes by engaging people, across departments and corporate boundaries - and measure its effectiveness over time.

BPM combines process improvement techniques with business process automation technology.

BPM software enables great user experiences

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A digital transformation platform based on business process management (BPM) delivers consistency and continuity of service. Employees get their work done easily and smoothly. Customers become an integral part of your business processes, connected seamlessly to appropriate internal people and systems.

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Bonita Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) platform

Bonitasoft enters Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant as the only open source vendor.

The report covers these usage scenarios:

  • Composition of intelligent process-centric applications

  • Business innovation/continuous process improvements

  • Business transformation

  • Digitized process

  • Citizen developer application composition

  • Case management

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Bonita process designer

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What is BPM, and how can it help your business?

See how business process management adds value at every stage of the application development cycle.

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Process modeling with BPMN

The Business Process Modeling and Notation Standard 2.0 provides a way to graphically diagram business processes and turn them into process-based applications.

Use it to design a process visually. Drag-and-drop studio elements include: human and automated tasks; gates with decision rules for joining and diverging process flow; subprocesses, and more.

With BPMN, business people can define what they want, simply but with a high degree of precision, and IT professionals can communicate with each other and with operational managers about the model in a clear, common framework.

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The ultimate guide to BPMN2

Learn more about BPMN

Bonitasoft takes a look at the standard that bridges the needs of IT and business for business process management

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Coordinate work across the enterprise

Connect people, processes, and technology across departments - even across the world - to automate business processes and create satisfying user experiences. With Bonita's business process management software:

  • Assign tasks based on the organizations's own directory, with appropriate delegation and escalation rules

  • Automate business processes

  • Monitor health and detect errors in running applications

  • Make "live" changes to fix errors

  • Collect data to measure process effectiveness

  • Monitor KPIs

  • And much more

Bonita monitoring
Process application platform report

Read more about the Bonita plaform's technical capabilities in this analysis from MWD Advisors

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Multiple options to create the user experiences you want

“The ability to create sophisticated custom application user experiences stands out. An extensive set of REST APIs means going further (and potentially even creating your own domain-specific tools) is also an option."
Neil Ward-Dutton Research Director, MWD Advisors

The out-of-the-box, low code option uses the web-based portal to host straightforward user tasks lists and forms that you can easily configure for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

There's also a specialized UI Designer to create standalone web-based application user experiences with collections of custom menus, pages, and forms - and the resulting experiences are role-based, to easily create applications that present personalized information and functionality to individuals with particular roles.

A comprehensive set of REST APIs is included if your prefer to build completely custom user experiences for your process applications. There are APIs for invoking processes, getting and setting data in processes and tasks, and APIs to programmatically create the applications and their constituent parts - so you can even build custom tools or embed Bonita in a broader platform.

Connect widely and customize freely with an extensible framework

  • Connect quickly and easily to most enterprise systems such as CRMs, ECMs, ERPs, databases, social platforms, web services, SaaS offerings and more

  • Modify, personalize and customize application with out-of-the-box features and open extension points...or create what you need with dedicated tooling

  • Create personalized user experiences with graphical UI tools, a completely custom UI, or a mix of both

Update and improve your applications continuously

Make "live" changes & enhancements to applications without interrupting service. With feedback and data, you can make continuous, incremental improvements. Your applications stay up-to-date.

Bonita living applications

Secure core and critical systems with enterprise-grade scalability

  • Ensure high availability (HA) of the BPM platform through clustering

  • Serve multiple, fully isolated independent organizations from one multi-tenant enabled platform

  • BPM engine handles heavy loading and complex transactions reliably

Secure core and critical systems


"With our old human-intensive operation. errors were creeping in...In a worst case,... we would probably be out millions of dollars. There’s a lot of money riding on this, and BPM is helping to keep everything in synch."

Per Gyllstrom, Chief Architect

Simplify and streamline business processes with Bonita

EnerNOC needed to scalably automate business processes to help make its energy-usage notifications and curtailment process run smoothly and efficiently with thousands of touchpoints. 

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