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Two ways to get the most powerful BPM-based
application platform

Two ways to get the most powerful BPM-based application platform.
Build highly personalized, process-based applications today, for free, with our open source Community edition. For enterprise-grade performance, unlock the power of Subscription edition.

Are you an existing customer? To download the latest version, visit the Customer Portal.

  • Build process-based business applications
    in an open source environment
  • Enjoy community-led support
  • Pay nothing. It's free.
Product version
Operating system
Windows Mac Linux

Bonita Studio for macOS

Bonita Studio installer for macOS 64 bit.
Includes Bonita Engine, UI Designer and Portal.
Download Java 64 bit

Bonita Studio zip package

Bonita Studio packaged as a zip file (includes Bonita Engine, UI Designer and Portal).
Compatible with Windows (64 bit) and Linux (64 bit). For macOS (64 bit) use the .dmg version.
Requires installation of Oracle Java 8 or 11.
Download .zip file

Bonita app server bundle

A .zip file containing Bonita web application (includes Engine, and Portal) deployed in Apache Tomcat application server.
Suitable for a production environment.
Download .zip file

Bonita Migration Tool

A .zip file containing a script to migrate from Bonita BPM 7.0.0 to any later version of Bonita.

Download .zip file
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Bonita is a complete open source processed based application development solution. Licensed under GNU General Public License v2..


  • Get professional, global support
  • Create applications that adapt in real time to business changes
  • Fully customize user interfaces for your end user needs
  • Build applications faster through powerful collaboration, integration and testing
  • Design engaging user interfaces for mobile and tablets
  • Use built-in dashboards to monitor processes and application health
  • Scale to meet enterprise demands with clustering and multi-tenancy

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Are you already a customer? To download the latest version, visit the Customer Portal.

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