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Two ways to get the most powerful BPM-based
application platform

Build highly personalized, process-based applications today, for free, with our open source Community edition. For enterprise-grade performance, unlock the power of Subscription edition.

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  • Build process-based business applications
    in an open source environment
  • Enjoy community-led support
  • Pay nothing. It's free.
Product version
Operating system
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Bonita All in one

Bonita Studio packaged as a zip file (includes Bonita Engine and Portal).
Compatible with Windows (32/64 bit), Mac OS (64 bit) and Linux (32/64 bit). Requires installation of Oracle Java 8.
Download .zip file

Bonita App Server Bundles

A .zip file containing Bonita web application (includes Engine and Portal) deployed in a JEE application server.
Suitable for a production environment.
Download with Tomcat
Download with Wildfly

Bonita deployment Bundle

A .zip file containing files to deploy Bonita web application on a JEE application server
Useful to setup a production environment. No application server included in the package.
Download .zip file

Bonita Migration Tool

A .zip file containing a script to migrate from Bonita BPM 7.0.0 to any later version of Bonita.

Download .zip file
bonitasoft screenshot
Bonita is a complete open source processed based application development solution. Licensed under GNU General Public License v2..


  • Get professional, global support
  • Create applications that adapt in real time to business changes
  • Fully customize user interfaces for your end user needs
  • Build applications faster through powerful collaboration, integration and testing
  • Design engaging user interfaces for mobile and tablets
  • Use built-in dashboards to monitor processes and application health
  • Scale to meet enterprise demands with clustering and multi-tenancy

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Are you already a customer? To download the latest version, visit the Customer Portal.