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Our data science needs you!

19 Sep 2017 - Olan Anesini

Our R&D team is currently working on some cool stuff using data science, artificial intelligence, and business process management together.

Data Science is a practice leveraging mathematics, statistics and data visualization. By exploring huge amount of data, one is able to discover and understand complex trends and behaviours. By better understanding data one can take smarter decisions.

As BPM provides a constrained workflow for user activities (habits), automates data transformation, and ensures that actions are made in a pre-defined order, can data science answer specific questions from data generated by a BPM application?

The R&D team at Bonitasoft wants to confirm its ideas about how these techniques can help Bonita BPM users to gain knowledge about their processes and we are currently focused on statistics coming from data available to us. We are looking for more data coming from real environments out of existing projects. This data can help us create powerful algorithms that are applicable to specific business verticals.

Help us build the new capabilities in Bonita BPM to make predictions on your business, and maybe even provide you with useful suggestions on how to improve your processes!

On my community blog post, I have expanded this topic and offered query code that will allow you to participate, anonymously with no sensitive information shared. If you are interested in sharing information and receiving back results, please join in.