• Low code for developers - code only when you need it

    Empower development teams with a low code platform that has built-in features, open extension points, and tooling to create enterprise-grade applications.

    The Bonita platform is based on a unique approach to low-code applied to BPM. It clearly separates visual development capabilities from coding options, allowing developers to use their existing tools and methodologies when they want to code.


  • Low code for developers code only when you need it
  • Bonita platform for innovative business ideas

  • CIOs face growing demands for more and better applications, delivered fast and improved continuously.

    Process automation technologies help make it happen. With them, the development team can deliver enterprise applications faster and with more agility. Select a BPM platform with the right mix of graphical tools and ability to code to gain greater control and visibility over critical business workflows and processes; increasing efficiency and throughput.

  • Debunked! 4 myths about low code it's time to let go of
  • Debunked! 4 myths about low code it's time to let go of

    Process automation is delivering dramatic results to businesses in all industries. Your company, too, can embrace it to achieve dramatically increased efficiency, new capabilities, and rapid growth in your customer base and profit margins.

  • Maximum flexibility to deliver automation projects

    • Use the rich feature set and tooling to deliver fast and improve continuously.
    • Out-of-the-box services provide building blocks.
    • Open, extensible, customizable APIs, extension points, and more permit maximum customization.
    • Mix graphical tools, tooling, and frameworks, and custom coding to apply where appropriate.
  • Maximum flexibility to deliver automation projects
  • Process based application
  • Act fast, learn fast, improve continuously, and support innovation

    Development teams can prototype rapidly to try new ideas. You'll be able to deliver quickly to meet business needs, and continue to update and refresh process automation projects and enterprise applications in response to changing business and technical environments.

    Learn more about how to build enterprise applications based on processes.


  • Bonitasoft's implementations are typically quicker than those of more-complex iBPMS offerings. Most customers reported deploying production applications within six months from initially purchasing the product, with some in less than three months.

  • Connect widely and customize freely

    • Integrate current, new, and legacy enterprise platforms and systems.
    • Use open and extensible REST and Java APIs Create even more APIs with dedicated tooling to develop and test.
    • For your specific user experience needs, choose out-of-the-box, low code, or completely custom UI design - or use a mix of all three.
  • Connect widely and customize freely
  • Bonita adapts to your needs, not the other way around
  • Bonita adapts to your needs, not the other way around

    • Keep the way you like to develop, test, and deploy.
    • Plug into the best-of-breed development and testing tools like GIThub, Jenkins, Jasmine, Protractor - that you already use on a day to day basis.
    • Use state-of-the-art graphical UI design tools.
    • Add your own components to the graphical user interface, and reuse them everywhere.

  • Management was skeptical of the benefit and did not understand how it would work in a scientific environment. This was quickly overcome by running a proof-of-concept with Bonita and demonstrating the ease with which it be integrated in the company environment.

    Associate Director RD IT


  • Orchestrate existing systems, processes and applications to deliver innovation

    Verallia needed to connect its applications with SAP, Salesforce, PDH (Osisoft), Qlikview, and Talend ESB, and make its interfaces "mobile-first" with an overall excellent user experience on iPhone, iPad, and desktop & laptop devices. So they selected Bonita.

    Read more about the benefits of using Bonita.

  • Verallia
  • I especially appreciate the very large number of Bonita connectors that allowed us to interface Bonita with all the different systems we have. And also how fast we were able to implement the solution.

    Gilles Godart, Digital IT Manager at Verallia

  • Digital technology dramatically alters the balance of power between customers and companies. Using software, hardware, algorithms, and the internet, digital business leaders find that it’s 10 times cheaper and faster to engage customers and deliver outcomes that their customers value. But the code that drives a digital transformation doesn’t magically appear — it’s written by developers.

    Digital Transformation Requires Development Transformation, Forrester Research Inc, Oct 9, 2018